Thoughts on Audiovox/Alco STS 93 @ Target


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Needed a dvd player since my Apex 600-A is now on "permanent loan" to my family, so I just picked up the HTIB 150-watt Audiovox STS-93 at Target over the weekend for $77. Link below: 5-9606257?%5Fencoding=UTF8&asin=B0002Y19YA

Sale might be over by now. Audiovox is (one of) the brand(s) of Alco electronics. Obviously, the lure is the el cheapo price, and a power output reasonable for a small 11x12 room.

Haven't really tested it out, but reading the manual, it has a decent feature set (component video out, coax digital audio out, DD). Major drawback: no DTS, which seems a little ridiculous not to have. But at this price... Also, is it too much to ask for digital inputs on a "ghetto-class" DVD player??? :-)

I'll try it out later this week, but does anyone have any experience with this unit? If it's a major lemon, back it goes.

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Bought mine yesterday (Sunday) and had it installed and running in about 15 minuts. I have a small apartment (15x15) living room and it is more than adequate for that. I know I got what I paid for, but for what I paid it is pretty good. Watched a movie last night and everything worked. I have been listening to mp3 cd's I made myself and it sounds pretty good. Only knock I have on it is the cooling fan is kinda loud, you can hear it when playing soft jazz music and you are sitting withing 8 feet or so, but again for the price....

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I need help!! I have an audiovox home theatre system and I hooked it up and can't get any sound. I am new at this so maybe I hooked it up wrong. Please help me!! Thanks

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I bought the same one last night - hooked it up - dvd/cd and fm receiver works great - small room - but nice sound for the money - my only problem when I use the AV in - the sound isn't very load - going from my digital cable box to the receiver - the fan is load but once you have a dvd on you don't really notice it

anthony c.
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FYI - the price still is $77 at target

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i got audiovox sts93 also, video and audio are excellent its like Bose cubes. problem is the AV-IN it doesnt work sometimes isnt very load

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smiox - I figired out my problem with the AV-In in regards to the sound was related to the volume on my cable box - I have my cable audio cables going into the av-inputs - once I found the volume setting (I have digital cable) in the setup menu - I adjusted the output - and now the volume is fine
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