Denon DHT 485XP, Onkyo HTS 770, Onkyo 670S


I am considering these three systems, any tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Denon DHT 485XP, Onkyo HTS 770, Onkyo 670S. Planning to use the Samsung HD841 DVD player with the above HTIBs.

Mike NorCal
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I just bought the Onkyo 670S, and I am very happy with it. It went for $299 at Fry's which is very reasonable. You can read the editor's reviews at ZDnet for the 770. The 670 is a slightly smaller version (ie smaller power, smaller subwoofer, etc). ZDnet pointed out that the speakers, although large, are made from wood as opposed to plastic as other HTIB vendors do.

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Thanks appreciate the feedback, do you know of any vendors displaying the Denon, called all of Denon authorized dealers in the new york area, no one has it as yet.

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I have a Denon receiver that lets me choose "5 speaker stereo" when I'm listening to CDs. Is this same option available on the Onkyo hts 670? Or, am I limited to just two speakers when playing CDs? Thanks.
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