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Dave the Canuck
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I am interested in getting opinions on the Boss Lifestyle 28 HT system. A friend who installs systems for a living and who knows this stuff inside and out says that this would be a poerfect match for my needs and space.

My Needs:
I want something for watching movies, but also for listening to music. It will act as my primary stereo system. I never listen to loud music so I don't need something capable of shaking the walls.

My Space:
I have a small room (14-ft x 11-ft) and because of furniture and such, I just don't have the room for large speakers.

Any comments/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Username: James_s

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The bose system sounds like it is just what you nedd, they aren't made for heart thumping ground shaking music, but will provide you with clear and exciting audio for your movies, and if that is what you're looking for, then the Bose Lifestyle 28 HT is the system for you.

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Username: Project6

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try to listen to other systems first before deciding on a Bose Lifestyle. You'd be surprised as to how many systems out there can be had with better quality, better sound for less price.

If your friend really knows his stuff, he'd be willing to show you different set-ups for your particular needs. Unless fo course he is a Bose dealer, then he would say that Bose is the "perfect" system.

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Username: Edison

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This system sounds similar for much less than Bose. Ask any audiophile, and practically none of them would recommend Bose. It's mind boggling how an over-priced product like Bose can hold such esteem in so many people's mind, while there are so many better options out there.

Do your-self a favor and hear other speakers like Energy, Athena, and Monitor Audio (GoodGuys)and you are in for a pleasant surprise. Take your time to find a sound you really like. 669zz

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I agree w/ James Lee & Berny, try to look for alternatives. You'll just spend a couple of hours after your office maybe or during weekends looking for your stuff. It is much better if you are the one who's going to choose the right sounds or set-up that you want.

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I think the Orb Audio systems would meet your needs, too, and I think they sound and look better than a lot of the other stuff out there. I'm a bit biased as an owner, but the Orb speakers are some real high quality merchandise and I couldn't be happier. A lot of home theater systems sound pretty mediocre when you play music on them, so I'd be very picky if I were you.

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Here we go again....

BOSE is a good system to have, if..

- you don't really have much time to bother about finding the right mix of components
- you're not an audiophile
- money is not a big deal
- you want to keep a simple, zen-like space
- you do not have audiophile friends
- you much prefer to impress with the brand than the sound

You know, pretty much the same reasons why one would go for a BMW....

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Here we go again again

Bose is routinely slammed by the audiophile crowd. I used to be one of them. If you haven't owned high quality gear in the past, it's as good or better than what you're used to. It looks good, is easy to place and easy to use.

You could do a lot worse (like B&O).


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yes, that maybe true. However, you are forgetting one thing, Bose is not considered high quality gear. Expensive, yes...high quality, forget it.

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hey justme, ever owned Bose or BMW? I have both, and they are fine.

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The only redeeming qualities about Bose is the WAF rating (very high with my wife) and how they are unobtrusive in a living room. As far as sound is concerned, they're a step up from your average $250 HTIB system. They're almost on par with a $500 HTIB system. However, they can't compete with a speaker system over $750!

I would say if you want domestic tranquility, get the Bose.

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Username: Wdrazek

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I beg to differ. A Lifestyle 28 is in a totally different league from a $500 HTIB. IMO it was about even with my $1200 Samsung/Klipsch HTIB, maybe slightly behind.

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