The new NAD's XX3 receivers will be delayed...


thats not good news. Talked to a dealer today. He couldn't elaborate but I saw this happen with the XX2's and the bugs still weren't gone when they released them late to the market.

I received an e-mail from NAD this morning on this subject. The xx3s will be released to the dealers in December.

Supposed to be late October for certain models than December for the rest. I guess they are delayed.

I do have a NAD dealer close by and had a chat with him a few weeks ago. He said he thought they would be delayed too, he also said this about the current line up:
T762 - Couldn't keep enough in stock
T752 - Sold well, never had many in stock
T742 - Couldn't give them away.

Naturally since I'm more of a cheapie and was looking at the T742, I had to ask WHY? He said who wants a 50x5 watt receiver at $699 when there are so many others looking much prettier for less.


Yes, the competition does look prettier than the 742, but none of them sound anywhere near as beautiful and realistic as the 742 when driving speakers. When turned off, it may well be the ugly duckling, but when it is being used, man, is it ever the beautiful swan!

I have been wanting a 752 or 762, but I keep coming back to the 742 because I wonder what do I need that the 742 doesn't have. I have no answer to be truthful. Especially since I can get the 742 for only $449 from Saturday Audio.

John A.

You have contributed to so many threads, please accept apologies if you already know these.

You are talking about the tempting price of the T742.

Here, in the context of good mid-price receiver/speaker matches I suggested on Oct 30, about a week after a report on that thread that the T761 could be had for about that price:-

"I would certainly get a T761 over the T742 if available at roughly the same price; it has more power (60W over 40W), and the speaker impedance suggests something else different at the power amp stage."

The speaker impedance issue may be important to you with 4 Ohm Magnepan speakers. It came out here on Oct 27 after Smitty and I compared user manuals in detail.

I can readily understand anyone's reluctance to buy a discontinued model. But I did, and have no regrets, as you know. Apart from sheer cost, newest is not necessarily best.

If you have a few minutes, have a look at my sort of NAD testimonial on the subject of quality, obsolescence, and long-term value for money.

To all here and the NAD dealer mentioned by anonymous; if you consider real world power, as Hawk knows, the T742 is a bargain. Seems they do not sell because the manufacturer is honest. What a reflection on the market.

Best wishes.

I opted for the T752 over the 742 for three reasons:

(1) and most important for me, the 752 has a variable crossover for the sub output, whereas the 742 has a fixed 80 Hz crossover;

(2) the 752 can drive 4 ohm speakers and the 742 cannot. I don't own 4 ohm speakers presently, but i plan on holding onto this receiver for a good while and don't want to limit my future choices;

(3) more power (see rationale No. 2).

OTOH, it appears that the T742 has fewer bugs than the 752.

John A.
Good points, all. The T742 manual does not say "Will not drive 4 Ohm" but refers to "designed for optimal sound" with 8 Ohm min per channel. I wonder what that really means. I am doubtful about the bugs. One totally convincing T752 story was TCSmith's, and NAD fixed it for him pronto.

I couldn't be happier with my T742. It's really a no-brainer here in Canada at the C$650 sale price. The Onkyo 601, HK AVR230, Denon AVR1804 are all around the C$900 price point [this was also the pre-sale T742 price], so you can imagine what retails for C$650.

The lack of digital outputs was something that I thought I might have a use for someday, but in the end the price and sound quality won out.

I think it's generally tough to sell a 5.1 receiver these days, I was hung up for a long time on getting a 6.1 receiver so I could allow for a rear centre speaker. I may or may not regret it, time will tell. There are quite a few more features in the competitors for the same price, but in my case although I would have liked to have some of these features 'just in case', I really had no immediate use for any of them.

I did hook my DBS receiver up to the digital optical input on the weekend and there is an audible 'click' or 'pop' when changing from a D-PCM channel to one broadcasting a DD signal. It sounds like it's an expected problem, but I'm going to contact NAD anyway and get their opinon on it. I haven't noticed any of the other problems though.

Seems like the T743 will address many of the feature shortfalls of the T742, but of course probably won't drop in price for a while yet.

Hawk, I bet you could probably get enough for your Denon on ebay to cover the cost of a new NAD :).

John A,
Love your posts on the NAD! Terrific information. I am looking to get the 742, but would like to step up to the 761 or 752 for the component video connections. I know a new fully warranteed 742 can be had at SaturdayAudio for $449. Do you know of any comparable prices for the 761 or 752?
Thought I'd ask before I pull the trigger on the 742.


Write an email, or call, the people at Saturday Audio. You can find either the email or phone number on the website ( I think they are the cheapest dealer you can find for NAD they are factory authorized. I have had numerous conversations with the owner over the past couple of weeks, and he said they are the largest NAD dealer in the midwest...which means they get huge deals from the factory itself. I doubt that you could find any prices from an authorized dealer much cheaper than theirs. They don't often list prices on their website, so you would have to call. However, they are listing a 752/T512 receiver/DVD Player combo for $799. The DVD player by itself is $249, which would mean the receiver part would be $550, but the 752 price is not listed by itself and I don't know if they will make the same kind of deal for the receiver only. You would just have to call and find out. If you call, ask for Andy, he is the owner.

John A.

I use two digital inputs (out of three) on my older model, one for satellite, and I get the same when switching. It's just there, and quite a reassuring, small audio flag that I have changed channel. I would start to worry of it did NOT sound when I switched.


Thank you, it good to hear someone reads them!. I am over here in Europe and cannot help with US/Canadian prices and dealers, unfortunately. But good luck!

John A.
Sorry Johnny, you must have been posting as I was writing. See what a good place is the mid-west?!

John A:

I sent a reply to your email...thanks!

John A.

Got it. Sent brief reply. Many thanks. Have some work on this week. BTW just watched DVD extended edition "Independence Day" with family at +10 dB. Fantastic film, fantastic sound. President's speech before going into battle nicked from the Agincourt speech in Henry V. No matter, WS nicked things, too. What a showcase. And the true hero was a crop-duster. Well, well...
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