Help Pls - Req! Budget A/V Recv + 7.1 Speaker set = $650 Target


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Hi Friends,

I am new to the site and this is my first post.
With the most pertinent question on buying decision.

I have narrowed down on some components. Pls help me finalize on the receiver + speaker system


1) Please do not give straight judgments. E.g. buy xyz (like many people on this site are great fan of Pioneer, so it comes as an answer to every question asked on decision making). I would appreciate and be very grateful if you could give some rationale or reason for your verdict.

2) You may also suggest an alternative, to options not listed below. But only after you have given verdict on any one of the items that I have short listed. Else I would never be able to decide.



1) I have a rough budget of $ 650 = a/v receiver ($300) + 7.1 speaker system. ($350)
2) I want to go in for a 7.1 channel setup
3) The room size is - 12 ft wide X 16 ft Long X 10ft high
4) I like balance of form & function. The product should be presentable, with good ergonomics. This is the reason that I hate Denon, since the look ugly and have bad looking interface.


Options that I have narrowed down on

1) Onkyo TX SR-503 (may be SR-602 if I get a good deal)
2) HarmonKardon AVR 235
3) Yamaha HTR 5860 / RX-V 657

Speaker System:
1) Onkyo SKS - HT240
2) KEF KHT 1005 (after price drop they are available for $280)
3) Harmon Kardon HKTS14
4) JBL SCS200.7 or SCS300.7

So, guys the ball is in your court now. Pls give it some thought and give me a solution - Which Receiver + Which Speaker

Thanks to you all
Hoping for early response

Jimmy Sege

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Receiver for a budget, I would pick
Harman Kardon - better more robust power supply. Soundwise, it would be a matter of personal preference.

For Speakers
I would pick KEF.
I don't like the tinny sound of the Onkyo speakers, higher frequencies tend to break up and so crackly (sound of breaking glass sounds like tearing paper in a very high pitch)
HK and JBL speakers are not my cup of tea specially the SCS series. Sounds muffled and does not produce the higher frequencies all that well, however, the subwoofer is really great. Nice tight and responds very quickly to rapid staccatos. I think that JBL subs are under rated, I like them, but the satellites need to go. They both sound the same and very disappointing.

Now this is from what I have heard and my own individual experience. you could probably liek the JBL sats but I don't. You really should listen to them yourself.

Now if they can combine the KEF sats with the JBL subs...hmmm?!?

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