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If I have a friend in the great USA, can he purchase a reciever for me than mirror the programming without connecting to a phone line.At the directv website they say I won't be able to watch the NFL sunday ticket if all recievers are not connected continuosly to a phone line.Is this a scare tactic or will it still work without it.I'm not concerned about payperviews,just my buddies existing programs.

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when U share a subscription,all the receivers with their married cards are "mirrored"....which means that whatever is ordered online (NFL ticket,PPV,package upgrades etc.) at directv.com will be signaled/programmed to ALL receivers on the account so all can see irregardless of the actual IRD locations...so yes,he can order another IRD and card for U,then activate it (call DTV when U have card in IRD and all is hooked up and working to a dish)...and the phone line doesn't mean squat and will not affect this in any way....but I do recommend (but not necessary) that an (1 only) IRD at the phone number provided to DTV as the account owners be plugged in,just to keep "somewhat" happy...but again its not necessary and will not affect this "mirroring" of all the recivers and online purchases associated with the account..I share and we have 6 IRD's at 4 different locations and none of us have a phone line plugged in (except 1 at the account owners home)and we have been doing this for 4 months with NO problems!...we have upgraded packages,ordered PPV's and soon will be a NFL purchase (waiting til last minute,just prior to season start..just in case a P4/5 hack becomes available)..but am 100% sure the NFL ticket will be mirrored just like everything else is and has been..go for it!..it works with NP..
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