Nfusion Dec 1 update


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C/P from another site.

Update status,

Things are a little delayed and the estimate of Dec 01 2009 is a little off.
Stay tuned and simply watch to see what happens next week.

As stated, the original post was about channel begging and it was stated that channel begging is not allowed and everything should be up by Dec 01 2009.

Since everything is not up yet, you are free to beg for channels as often as you like at Dummychat for dish only until it comes up.

I hope your posts are constructive and respectful.

Many channels have come up but there are some still missing,

I am aware Polish, Italian, Greek and others are anxiously waiting for their channels to pop up as well as the HD users.

You should be aware that many HD channels have popped up in the last few weeks and the list will be completed soon.

What I ask is to hang a little longer and let things run their course.

I am aware that the other box pushers will come and bash me for not coming thought on Dec 01 but I am a big person and can take the heat.

I do understand for everyone who do not have their channels to ask for them and DummyChat will respect your requests.

You did pay for the box and do deserve all the channels no matter what ethnic background you are.

Please keep it respectable and have a good time here at DummyChat.

Oh yea, long live nfusion!

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now the sales drop lol

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The z300 is available at for $179

First off, I'd like to say WOW! for 179 bucks this unit provides an extreme number of features normally only seen in a much higher end and expensive reciever.

The z300 is a new and upcoming FTA receiver with IKS ability (Serial to rj45 adapter is included with every unit for no additional charge) as well as PVR ability with a standalone USB harddrive or a USB memory stick. And the unit is also built for full DVB compatibility with almost any provider world wide.

My first impression of the unit was admiring how small that it actually was when unpacked. The unit comes with most every cable needed for installation, and the front top edge located USB port made software upgrades and additions very easy and fast. The ethernet functions also extend to your personal home network; allowing easy sharing of media.

The IKS setup was also surprisingly easy; it took me about 15 minutes total to set the unit up and start watching TV. I've payed special attention to the IKS performance since I installed the z300. And I'm very pleased to report that it is the most stable IKS solution I've seen to date. During the last 72 hours, I've witnessed both Nfusion and Sonicview having stability problems with their solutions. But not the z300, it has been stable and strong.

The menu system on the z300 is very well laid out and makes sense. I was also impressed by the level of control the unit has for picture calibration and OSD (on screen display) options. The z300 also had a few surprises for me as I surfed through the channels, such as the integration of EPG and PVR options into the info panel GUI (graphic user interface) that's visible on every channel. It makes keeping up with channel details and receiver functions more in your face and easy. And naturally the z300 is equipped with component video and digital audio outputs for easy home theater integration.

In closing I'd like to add, if you're on a budget and want Dishnet, this is the unit for you.

The z300 is available at for $179

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If your gunna C/P at least change it around a bit like Nalin does so it looks like you wrote it.

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superstar is just a salesman..
he doesn't know a sh*it
basically he is just there to promote nfusion regardless of what customer wants..

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SV iHub has 582 DN and 263 BV channels according to sonicviewihub*org website...

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Hi all
I have Ariza 700 is there new fix for it?

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welcome back alime ahmadi, how was the experience during your long long vacation. Man you missed a lot during your vacation time, I don't know who is gonna explain about past 10 months story of FTA world?

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kris kros
SV is unwatchable at this time

google spyder
All new scam box start with lot of channels and stability because there's no user.
ZoomSAt-Satzen Z300 is an another scam in the collection.

lroy tipit
When NF drop the solaris they will be able to add channels and get more stability. ;-)

PS: On all these sh!t boxes none can get 731, this market is not interested by smart peoples. ;-)

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There is an alternative to 731, get sub box in the meantime.....

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alime no standalone fta rec's are working..
only rec that are working are nfusion solaris, phoneix,
k1pro, sonicview elite and hd (with ihub)..
and cnx nano2
for all those rec's to work, u need an internet connection, a router and networkcable..
google iks rec to get some knowlege..

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I have Nfusion Solaris.If I want satellite delite, what i need do?

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I have only a fortec converted to puff.
But I can c/p and Bs my way all over this forum and others too.

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Nalin Nyda
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The above person is poting wrong information in my name

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you don't know what's the scam means.
you pay and you don't get what you need .. that's scam.

i rather call them underdog. because i confirm that they have a support ..

here's couple ch list that updated recently..

z300 woking perfect for me at this time instead of nfusion .. who know they will be one of biggerst player in this market..

what i see, what i beleive..

happy hollidays guys..

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First a newbie comes singing great praises of Z300. Then two total newbies come to the forum promoting Z300, which Currentbins does not even know about!

Very very strange and suspicious.

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Interesting , Nalin Nyda TOO comes along right behind Nalin post's and kisses azz but Nalin Never complains or reports the imposter.

Could it really be ONLY NALIN NYDA?

You need a break Nalin , GO GET A LIFE!

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poooh. i agree.
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