Viewsat pro? any good


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is the viewsat pro on par with the ultra or is the ultra the better buy thanks for any advise

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Ultra with the USB i think it better..
the Pro bin came out 1 day late with the last ECM..LOL

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Best support on Ultra like Metallica say

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viewsat pro good

viewat ultra better.............

viewsat pro i think $ 145
viewsat ultra 175
nfusion about 210 + (100 (if u need netgear/wireless router)..........

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Ultra and Pro are basically very much same, except the PRO has a PVR..

c/p from a well known established mod at dsscommunity..awhile back

My VS Pro PVR proto type arrived today and I got right into testing this puppy out. After taking a few snap shots I went ahead and hooked it up. Upon power up I went right into Menu and noticed a whole new GUI. This GUI is just as user friendly as on other Viewsat models. The unit comes with 2 USB ports. One on the front (behind door panel) and one on the rear. You have to choose in the menu which one you like to have active. This makes it easy for Firmware upgrades via a USB Stick via the front while having your external USB HDD hooked up in the rear. One other thing that I like about this unit is the ability to enter and go thru the Menu via front panel buttons if you ever misplace the remote. As for the Remote it is similar to that of the VS PVR7000. It is not compatible with other non PVR VS models but does work with the VS PVR7000.


Flashing was not much different then that of the Viewsat Ultra via USB. After loading the third party file I preceded to manually setup my antenna settings and DiSEqc switch setting. There is an auto DiSEqc detect but decided to try the manual approach initially. Channel Search is easy as in previous Viewsat models and gave me an accurate scan on the 3 main birds that I use (91/110/119). I proceeded to setup other options like turn A/R to all on, time setting, sort by sid etc. Autoroll was no different then my Ultra displaying the Autoroll Processing message in the upper right corner. In no time the picture came in. PQ was great using composite output to a 32" Tube. I would have to say the picture quality was slightly better then with my Ultra.

PVR Functions

I hooked up my 320GB 7200RPM USB HDD to the rear port and configured as needed. I then used the easy menu to format the HDD at which time it asked to set PVR and MP3 partition sizes. The format was quick. I then set PVR configurations such as recording option (EPG/Time) etc. Recording was simple and the PQ on the recording was excellent that I couldn't tell if it was live or the recording. FF and RR work great too.

Overall this new VS Pro PVR has impressed me and is exactly what was expected from Viewsat. The horse power of the new ST-Micro CPU at 260MHz really gives it the needed speed for a PVR.

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Stupid long C/P that does not allow any decision making.

BEV has started converting to Nagra 3 encryption. Dish Network will start in May. If and when the ECM hits it may be hard. Be careful in what you spend on. If you have a receiver that is working - keep it going till we know what is going to happen.

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STFU, the DN mole don't want people buying FTA receivers now..what a bunch of BULLSHIT..and your post is BOGUS INFO again!

FYI...DN will be around for at least another year so FTA purchases are still a good idea..

ECM's have quick recoverys also...and if ya knew anything, Nagra 3 hack is very promising and gonna happen, according to a paid professional hacker for DTV, which I have posted here Nalin STFU

and my post allows ANY intelligent person (which leaves U out) enough info to make an informed decision ...and DIRECTLY answers her questions and concerns, unlike your NALIN BS BOGUS INFO post again!

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Registered: Jan-06 a Diamond member?.....LMAO

I guess it makes me a easier bigger target for Nalin and Dishnet officials..along with Ecoustics help too..

hello Charlie...a diamond in the rough...LMAO

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It means that you are an azzhole,,,,,,,,,
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