Superdish conversion to 118.7


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Hello all.
I am trying to convert my superdish 121 to dish 500plus.
After reading all the threads I was wondering if I buy the circular Lnb CB2008A would I be able to get 119/118.7. and if so. is it easy to to replace the lnb with the old one.

I am currently running supredish 110, 119, 121 with dp34 switch going into CS5000, and one dn 311 receiver.
so If I put this new lnb would I still be able to watch it on both receiver.

all help would be appreciated.

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yes you should,and if you are subscribing to dn let them come and do the upgrade for free

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the only concern I had when I did mine with dn repoint kit is the bracket fitting with the generic lnb. with the repoint kit on super d, all you need is swap the lnbs and move the antenna a bit.

if you are paying dn, just let them do all the work.

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If you let them do all the work they will charge, $60 with a 24 months contract or $200 without the contract.

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IF your international channels have switched to the 118 from the 121, DN will come for free and give ya the 118... as like any company, each customer service rep will tell ya different things..threats to cancel work well usually, or calling back and getting another rep..I know some who had the 118 added for free..

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I'm sure your right LK.
They wanted to charge me $200 to get the super dish few years ago. Not sure why I got the super dish in the first place. But I think it was the international again.
Didn't pay it and they did the upgrade free.
Now they want to charge me $200 without a contract, and get this I asked if I agree to the 24 month contract and pay $60.
Say I move to a place with no clear view of the sky, do I get charged for breaking the contract.
The answer was YES.
Would be pro rated for about $8.4 a month till the end of terms.

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You can't get everything for free

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Pulp Fictious, no one said everything for free.
I'm actually a paying customer.
I wanted to pay for the international that I once had, I already paid for the dish in the first place.
Why would I have to pay again for something already paid for.

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That is how the economy works, mate.
U pay for something, then U pay tax on it then U pay tax at the end of the year because U were rich enough to be able to afford it, then the next year comes and the car goes bad and you buy one, and U pay tax and then U pay tax and U keep on payig paying paying.
That is how the Republicans make the big companies rich.

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Yes and I do pay tax and I do pay DN tax as well and I pay pay pay.
So for once if they decide to move the stupid channels the least they can do is give me a dish that cost DN about $20.
I mean I'll pay the $20 as well not $200!!
I paid for my dish already.
Asked to pay again for superdish.
Now asked to pay again for whatever it is.
I guess I'll just do without international.
I'll just go back to DTV, without international DTV is much much better.
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