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Any update on VS Platnum

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yeah the dog ate the coders homework

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nope nothing =(

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You sure eh

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Newest DLs
Sonicview 1000 Bin v0284P - ECM Fix
Sonicview 1000 PVR Bin v0171P - ECM Fix
Pansat 6000 XHC Fix 1-3-08
Pansat 5000 HC Fix 1-3-08
pansat 2700 A/E 1-3-08
Pansat 2800 Fix 1-3-08
pansat 9000hd 1-3-08
Pansat 3500 Fix 1-3-08
Pansat 250SM Fix 1-3-08
Pansat 9200HD Fix 1-3-08
Sonicview 8000 Bin V0248P
Viewsat 7000pvr bin file 1/3/08
Viewsat VS PRO DN & B3V temp fix
Sonicview SV4000 v0187P Bev A/R Fix
ARIZA 700 700s 750 & 800 AR Fix JAN 2 2008!

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Cyphris said the rest of the files would be ready very shortly. this was 38 min ago

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oleg You forgot

some things were brought to my attention, and some things I felt needed laid out to all. Hope this helps a little and will be my last message of any sorts about the entire issue.

As far as the site goes, it was ONLY the domain name that was taken, not the server, so we do have the same IP and same server as we have for years now. This site was started 2 years ago mid December of 05. It was started with a couple of very helpful people I brought in (Warthog & Dipper), and then added some excellent other mods to help us grow. All our mods have been here for sometime, most all of you know who they are, have dealt with in one fashion or another. This is the same site that has been running since that mid December day, some long nights, the typical naysayers, the website attacks, the heavy traffic. Nothing has changed, except for the domain. is now what we call home, not gonna make excuses, get offensive. It happend, nothing we can do to fix it right now. The entire site is the same, look around people, moderators, forums, splash page, entrance page, sponsors... it is all 100% exactly the way it was before the domain name changed. I guess its hard for me to understand how so many things can be exactly the same and the only thing different is some low life who wants to steal states his site is down for upgrades, yet the original server is running flawless, not down for upgrades, just under a different name. the old site posts files with altered coder files (file inside the zip that tells about the changes in the fixes)

Take this all into consideration, understand what we have had to go through, not only this past week but the past 2 years building a great site for all to enjoy, a great site that most have learned to love and respect.

Thanks for your time and hope this opens the eyes of many more.

Happy new years and we are all hoping on a rocking 2008!

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Premium Dish Channels Down PPV/International

Hello everyone, dish has changed things and the Pay Per View and international channels are now down. all of dish could go down soon but this was not something unplanned and once there is new working software bin files we will have them for you here. Right now all the other channels other then ppv/international are up now. we will have new info and the newest working software bin files when they come out.

*there is new working software for bev (bell expressVu) satellite for most receivers as of the 14th.
Thank you !! Oleg PHD.
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