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Chancysand has released the new bin today which is working very good as of today 4:40PM. This bin is for the converted Pansat 2500 and the converted Pansat 2500 Clones, such as Fortec STAR Lifetime Ultras. You can download this bin from and start watching TV. Also, I've posted the latest working bin for Pansat 2700 there which is also working very good. The Pansat 2700 bin is ONLY FOR THE ORIGINAL UNITS. Bin for Pansat 2700 CLONES ins't out yet.

Below are the current DN & BEV Keys, just in case if you need them!

D!SH 0101 - Last Update: 11/19/07 09:14 PM

00: 51 59 51 D3 A5 04 FD 30 59 D7 7D F2 25 D8 29 F3 (Active)

01: 93 02 31 E7 E4 0B 20 61 65 2C E8 18 05 3D A0 3C

B3V 0901 - Last Update: 11/18/07 11:16 AM

00: 8E 01 FE 27 88 9F 83 CB C4 AD 85 8C FE 5C 2A 10 (Active)

01: A7 D5 55 6D 1E B9 3C 9E 57 FA 70 1D EA C2 C5 87

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Now, I've also posted this another JVVH LEAFS bin 224 at This bin is also for the converted Pansat 2500 and the converted Pansat 2500 Clones. Working good, so far..

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AV: Will you be able togive a comparison of the Leafs_224 against the CS_224 at some point in time.
We have, I think a 15 day window now.

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Hmmm ...

both bins are the same. The JVVH leafs bin isn't by JVVH, but the coder is using the same script which was actually written by JVVH. The only difference you'll see in thie JVVH leafs bin is the background. Chancysand's bin are also Pansat 2700 modded bins which can only work on the converted units. I have no idea if Chancy is using JVVH's script or not .... I think the background is the ONLY difference ... Chancy's bins are trusted ... some will give reboot problem which u can easily fix by turning OFF:

- autoroll
- auto tp update
- closed caption

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X-87BL_071109_B75_221_api I had this file in my fortec lifetime ultra...which new file should i be uploading now???
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