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This is a C/P from a friend.

Seems Bev has some channels going black.

"These blackouts are due to the session key stuff they are playing
guess they don't want to f**k their customers, so they are doing it
couple of hours on select receivers like the 2700. Once they are sure
won't be affected, everyone else is going down, rest assured.
Heres how:

1. They will stop sending video packets to the old firmware, thereby
everyone to upgrade to the new firmware.

2. The new firmwares will negotiate the session key using 768 bit RSA
instead of 512 bit RSA. In layman's term, calculating the session key
become computationally more intensive.

3. In older firmware, the session key was only negotiated at bootup and
stayed static. It seems they will now attempt to negotiate a new
session key
more often. It is even possible they will do it every 15 seconds for
new video packet. Kind of like the old CMD 02 for Nagra 1.

[In layman's terms]: They will be "speeding up" the datastream. Not
literally speeding it up, but requiring the CAM to do more
which is equivalent to speeding things up.

They didn't spend all week updating their own units for nothing..
The end result will be that the hacks that can't keep up will become

If the provider update works you can probably expect all Bev to go dark
and Charlie to follow soon.

Although the Nagravision Encryption for certain cams is publically
compromised, it will be proposed to Echostar and ExpressVu via the FCC
CRTC respectively, that the following counter measures be implemented

1. Restoration of CAM-IRD handshake protocol and counter measures
firmware modifications. It will be proposed that the CONTROL
WORDS be ciphered with the 64 byte Primary RSA key in IRD firmware in a
convoluted manner difficult to reverse-engineer from firmware
disassemblies. Any modifications to the Primary RSA key will result in
incorrect CONTROL WORDS. Without knowledge of the convolution process,
and DVB piracy will be eliminated.

2. Increase the length of the RSA exponent used for public key
decryption to
512 bits. This will render atmel based piracy devices and
older generation ROM cards useless.

3. Traditional electronic counter measures against compromised "102

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Lots of subs going down ecm will be shrot lived.

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ouch sa fait mal

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How longt for dishnet????

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