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Hi guys please read and tell me if it is true that DTV will have a fix by 06?

P4/P5 Update

Blocker This product prevents your DTV-subscribed card from being updated. Plagued by defective manufacturing. ETA Late Oct 05.
P4 card
subscription 'Back door' subscription of virgin cards. Guaranteed for 6 months. ETA Christmas 05
P4 card
crack Currently working except PPV. More information coming as it becomes available. ETA Nov/Dec 05
P5 card
subscription Back door' subscription of virgin cards. Guaranteed for 6 months. ETA Jan. 06.
P5 card
crack Currently working except PPV. Probably will be withheld until Mar. 06.
HU cards DTV has stopped broadcasting signal for these cards. HU cards are NOT working.

October 12, 2005: There is a lot going on in the DTV hacking world. Many products are on the verge of release (hopefully in time for Christmas) and others are deliberately being withheld until the new year.

1) A blocker is a bootstrap or wafer that is inserted in your receiver in addition to your subscription card. When there is a change in your programming package, DTV sends a signal to update your card. However, the Blocker Bootstrap prevents the signal from reaching your card.

If you already have the Platinum subscription package, simply change your subscription to Basic Programming after the Blocker is in place. Your billing information will change, but your card will not be updated. If you have anything other than a Platinum Package, upgrade first. Then, after your card has been updated, put the Blocker in place and downgrade again. The Blocker works with P4 and P5 cards.

The Blocker was developed by a small company and is struggling with manufacturing problems. Approximately 30% of all units are defective. Some local merchants are already selling them (where exchanging defectives is not a big issue), but internet merchants are waiting for a much higher quality of production. Could be available at any time.

2) P4 card 'back door' subscriptions should be available by next month. Many customers purchased this solution last year and received 6 months of platinum programming (excluding PPV) for around $100. To access this option you must have a pure virgin P4 card which has never been inserted in a receiver. If the card has ever been inserted in a receiver, this option will not work.

3) P4 card crack appears to be working except for PPV channels. The developer is (understandably) being extremely secretive about his progress but indicates that he is very close to a final product. This option will also require a pure virgin card.

4) P5 card 'back door' subscriptions are the same as P4 cards but is likely to be withheld until next year to enable the developer to exhaust his inventory of P4 cards before releasing this option.

5) P5 card crack will take a little longer than the P4 crack (although both are being developed simultaneously) and may also be withheld until next year.

Copyright © 2005 All Rights Reserved

Some newsletters have been deleted, since the reported information is now outdated.


Important Information for our customers:
Support subscribers: Unlike many of our competitors who sold support for the life of HU cards only (and will now ask customers for additional subscription fees to cover P4/P5 cards), our subscription was for a specific duration and are still completely valid. The clock will stop during the period where there is no fix and we will extend all subscriptions for that additional period.

Owners of programmers: Our developers confirm that there will soon be a new flash available that will upgrade all existing programmers to enable them to read, write and unloop P4 and/or P5 cards. Predicting the exact length of time for this flash to become available is impossible at this time. Before this flash becomes available there will probably be a new version of programmer available designed exclusively for writing and/or unlooping P4 and/or P5 cards. The availability of such a new programmer will not change the eventual availability of a flash for existing programmer.

A flash is a small program that is written to the Atmel ('brain') of the programmer which will upgrade its features.

Bootstrap owners: We are assured that all bootstraps are totally compatible with the new technology and will work with P4/P5 cards as soon as the new fix is available. An upgrade may be required and this will be provided free of charge as soon as it becomes available.

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@Leonard Sankar

Dude rumors are rumors, why don't you wait and see it work, then decide.
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