LG LHT754, Cable & PS2; Audio is not in synch with the video


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So I have a General Instrument (apparently now owned by Motorola) DCT2244/1161/ACDEF for a cable box through Comcast.

I have that sending video to the switchbox, which sends that video on to the TV.

That cable box is sending the stereo output to my LG LHT754 DVD Receiver.

We also have a PS2 that is sending output to the switchbox, which, again, sends video to the TV and audio to the DVD Receiver.

Here's a simple diagram of the current layout:
Video --> Switchbox --> TV
/ ^
Cable Box |
\ |
Audio --> DVD Receiver
/ |
PS2 |
\ v
Video --> Swithbox --> TV
DVD Receiver
Audio --> Directly to speaker

Video is wonderful, audio is wonderful. Problem: They're not synched up. Worse problem: The audio is *behind* the video. All the instructions I can find tell me how to slow down the audio through the LG, but not how to slow down the video through the Cable box.

It's about a full 1/4 second behind. It wouldn't be so bad, but for the fact that my wife is getting on an excercise kick, and she uses DDR. The fact that the audio beat is 1/2-to-2 beats behind the video makes it really hard to get a good score.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm a computer tech; I'm SO not a sound tech... Any help would be appreciated.

I posted this on another message board last night, and got a few questions. Here are those questions with what answers I can give:

But my first thought is that the receiver is causing a delay while trying to upgrade a stereo signal to something closer to a surround sound signal. What happens if you were to skip the receiver completely and connect the cable box directly to the TV?

When I did not have the receiver, everything worked fine. We bought this receiver a few months back, and that is when the problem started.

If this gets rid of the delay put the switchbox back in the middle, and if there is still no delay you might be able to turn off the processing on the receiver and set it to straight stereo, as opposed to one of the dolby digital/DTS modes.

I'll give that a try.

I'd also check that the audio delay setting on the receiver is set to 0ms. You mentioned the instructions tell you how to do it, but not that it was checked.

They're set to 0; no delay. I played with it some last night, and I can get the PS2 audio close, but not perfect. Of course, that doesn't make sense, though... Cable audio is behind, and the PS2 audio also seems to be behind; adjusting the delay shouldn't affect it, unless I'm getting the game sound off by a full beat instead of a quarter-beat.

What is used for connections? RCA analog stereo, digital optical/coaxial?

Pretty much all the cables are RCA (i.e. Red/White/Yellow)

Also, what exactly do you mean by 'switchbox'?

I have a switchbox that all of my cables go into. My television only has one RCA and one Coax input on the back. So all of the RCA cables from my XBox, PS2 and Cable go to the switchbox. It automatically switches to the component that was most recently switched on; saves me from having to get up and swap components. There are a couple of problems with this switchbox, though: the primary problem is there are not enough ports. I was going to list how the components are laid out, but I don't remember them all. I do know, though, that I have to swap the video cables for the PS2 and the DVD player back and forth when I want to change from one to another, due to lack of ports on the switchbox. My wife and I are talking about purchasing a larger switchbox to resolve that issue.

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A likely purchase you might consider instead of a new switch box is a receiver that can do all of the audio as well as the video switching for you. This may be a little over budget but it is by far your best solution.

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Definitely over-budget, though I've definitely considered it. Any suggestions as to what I can do with what I have?

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I am afraid there is no other way to avoid the delay other than removing the receiver from the system. Any chance of returning it?

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Not after this amount of time; we've had it for several months. :-/

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http://cgi.ebay.com/Kenwood-Dolby-VR-804-100W-5-1-Receiver-Audio-Video-DTS_W0QQi temZ270303178291QQcmdZViewItemQQptZReceivers_Tuners?hash=item270303178291&_trksi d=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1234
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