Does any one connect PC to HT Receiver through optical?



I have HT-S650 home theater system. I am considering to connect my PC to the receiver through optical connection.

Any one did the connection?

If yes, please tell me

1. How is the performance?
2. How to make the connection? Which sourd card is required?
3. Which software player can play Divx movie encoding with AC3 and send the bitsreams to the receiver?

Thanks in advance.





clown vomit
you're a lunatic

Go to for reviews on soundcards with optical out. Some of the recent nForce II motherboards have optical out. See for optical adapters for the popular Creative Labs sound cards.

The connection is made the same way as any other component, just connect the optical cable to the PC and the receiver.

Most sofware DVD players can pass the Dolby Digital stream to a digital connection and the Windows Mixer can force all other sounds out through the digital jack.

I have a Gigabyte 7VAX motherboard and I use digital in and out exclusively and the performance is just fine.

If you have sound blaster Live, Go to Creative Lab website and serarch in the knowledge base for "dolby digital AC-3". You will find that all you need is a mono mini-jack to RCA cable (connecting the minijack to the back of your sound card to the digital coax in) Of course, you got the have the right DVD player like WIMDVD which can output to SPDIF.

The sound quality is comparable to the DVD player.
I can get DTS or Dolby Digital.

Just add to my above message

In ONkyo FAQ, Onkyo thinks technically digital coax may sound better than optical since optical would require resoruces to convert from optical back to digital. Digital Coax is all I have on my sound card and that's what I am using.

In my case, I use a reqular RCA cable instead of those expense digital coax cable. I am not a technical person, but I guess digital is just whole bunch of 0's and 1's while analog signals covered a broad range. I guess a better cable is needed in order to transmit the analog signal clearly from the source to the reciever but this may not be true for digital.
If I am wrong, please let me know.

I have a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP motherboard, and i´ve got both Optical (SPDIF) in & out onboard, i was thinking about hooking my PS2 console to the pc and the PC to Harman&Kardon AVR4000 Amp, i´ve got all the cables needed but i never seem to get the sound on my PC to.. uhh give me any sound, :( do i need some kind of software or something ???

PLZ, reply via e-mail !!!

and to answer Anonymous' question, i had my PS2 console hooked up to the amp and it sounded much more clear, and you only use 1 cable instead of all the 6 !!! automatically gives me Surround when the movie is DTS comp. ;)

Both of my computers ar connected. One is an Asus A7N8X the other is the Gigabyte GA-7VAX similar to Victor's. The quality is like night and day. On the VAX you must check a "select" box in the record mixer to enable the coax-in. You must also assign your coax input to the current selected source on your decoder/receiver.

Chad Gundlach
there is an option without replacing your sound card----hi-fi-pro link----connects to usb ---allows export of pure digital through usb to a box that allows for pure 5.1 --either RCA (non 5.1) or toslink for coaxial..for under $100 --I have not tested but I am using for my wireless laptop to my Onkyo for MP3 playing--i have heard good reviews all around

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reply to viktor agnar: if you haven't already done it, double click the volume control in the windows task bar, click on advanced and enable spdif output.

I have an Epox 8rda+ motheroboard with optical SPDIF output conected to harman/kardon AVR 4500. Dolby Digital souds great, so does PCM and soundstorms' encoded DD also. The problem is, that receiver has an option of decoding mp3s, but i cannot make my computer send MP3 directly through SPDIF to receiver. Does anyone have a solution to that?
Thanks, Mate, Slovenia.

I wasn't looking for output -- i am trying to get my ps2 console to play sound over to the PC !!!

Most PCs with built in digital output also have a digital input in the motherboard. If you want to convert that coax input to optical, Radio Shack sells an adapter for $15.

I have an ASUS P4G8X MOB with an SPDIF riser card. I attempted to connect the SPDIF out into the Coax Digital port in the back of my Pioneer Amp. No sound ...... How am i suppose to connect the SPDIF funtion into the coax port on my receiver??? i have used the line out port and split the cable into two RCA jacks fed into my left and right CD jacks on the amp. The sound is O.K but I feel it could be better if i can figure out how to connect my amp to the SPDIF Out port??? Any ideas's how to get SPDIF working through my amp using the Digital coax port on my MOB.

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I'd like to resurrect this thread, because I don't know what kind of cable &/or adapters should be used between the digital output on the sound card (blaster audigy LS) and the coax digital input on my Marantz surround receiver.

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All you answer to your problems i can answer, just email me with seperatte emailz and ill help u. on

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I don't know what kind of cable &/or adapters should be used between the digital output on the sound card (blaster audigy LS) and the coax digital input on my Z680 Logitech Speaker system.

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i have 5.1 Creative Speaker PC WORKS lx520 and i use on board Nvidia Nforce2 SoundCard soundstrom 5.1 support(in EPOX 8RDA+ motherbord) the problem is that speaker use Master Volume,Line in (rear speaker),and Microphone(Center&Subwofer)
but my TV Tuner(Pixel ViewPRO) use Line in , now if i watch tv i can hear the voice, i try to use SPDIF but that need digital optic (coax) maybe u can help me (send to my email thanxx

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My PC Asus P4G8X spdif out coax is connected to my Yamaha 5.1 decoder. I can get surround sound watching dvd's but not in wmp. The sound manager speaker test (yellow speaker in task bar) only gives me left and right front, no center, no rear. I have the latest drivers from asus and realtek for the ALC650, it's set to auto in the bios, what have I done wrong?

i have a packard bell laptop and a external blaster nx every time i fire 5.1 thruogh the card the sound breaks up but if its in stereo its fine is it my card or my laptop that cant handle the 5.1 its a 2 gig machine

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Anyone know how to capture and record the original digital output from a streaming internet radio audio signal? For example, if it is broadcast in mp3 128kbps, is this the exact signal that comes out of the "digital out" on the sound card (or is that a new digital signal created from the analog output of the sound card)?

Use Total recorder to record any audio on your PC. Or Audio Hijack on the MAC.
Both are Awesome!

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I have a Luxman R114 receiver and I need to hook up a Memorex mka301 microphone that I need to record voice to cassette tape. Will that be possible?

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marty... i am having the same issue as you!

has anyone come up with a solution to this yet

My PC Asus P4G8X spdif out coax is connected to my Yamaha 5.1 decoder. I can get surround sound watching dvd's but not in wmp. The sound manager speaker test (yellow speaker in task bar) only gives me left and right front, no center, no rear. I have the latest drivers from asus and realtek for the ALC650, it's set to auto in the bios, what have I done wrong?

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Pokesteve you may need a different decoder for WMP. Maybe your decoder doesnt hold up for WMP. You may not need to be going through the decoder for WMP it may be decoding it wrong.

Peanut if your microphone is anything of the normal you will just have to go through your computer to your reciever. That would be the best bet. If you have a 1/4 jack just get a 1/4-1/8 adapter to go into your microphone jack then go from your line out to your audio (red and white) plugs on the back of your reciever. Then make sure your mic is enabled and turned up and if you don't have any better software than "sound recorder" just use that to record what you need.
DJ Massey

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I'm Using the audio output on my sound card with a y cable connecting to the auxillury input on my receiver, however for some reason the right part of the cable is totally useless and doesn't transmit sound, I don't believe it is the cable's fault so is there some place or program i am supposed to tinker with settings to make it stransmit? (RCA cables)

Go to RadioShack and buy a cable that is a 1/8" mono plug to single mono RCA plug, and plug it into the last plug on the Audigy LS (I believe it's the center/sub one. In the manual it calls it a universal connector.

Then plug the rca into your surround amp and go into the speaker config and check "Digital output only"

Now you will have digital output via coax with an audigy ls. and it works - I personally have that card and it works perfectly.

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Can you hook an SB live via from the Digital out direct to digital in on a receiver

I am talking about using a toslink cable

or does it have to be spdif to COAX

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I have a 5.1 dvd surround system and would like to connect to my Tv,ps2,and Comp to have surround sound for all the devices.

My DVD has these connections:
2x scart,
in video out it has video and s video
in audio out it has left and right
in AV input it has left, right and video
in digital video outputs it has coaxial and optical

My Ps2 has these connections:
Digital optical out
Av multi out

My pc has these connections:
1x scart, video, s video, SPDIF in + out, c/sub, surr, line in, mic, b-surr

My Tv has these coneections:
1 x VGA input 2 x SCART 1 x composite video input 1 x S-Video input 1 x component video input 1 x audio line-in 1 x audio line-out

My freeview box needs these connections:
1xscart, 1 x tv ant?

I would like to connect all of these components together so will this be possible given the above connections. My surround sound works through my dvd player and so the speakers are connect to it. I also have one scart mode, one AV mode and one TV mode on my dvd player.

I would be most grateful for your help because i definately do not have a clue.

Could you reply by email please!!

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I have a sony MD player with a Optical Line in, I want to get the correct cable to convert it to 1/8 inch microphone , that I want to put into the Optical line in.. can it be done? mic into an optical line in?

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I have a Asus K8N motherboard, with a SB Live! Value card.. I want to run a cable from my computer to my receiver which is a Yamaha HTR-5280 Natural Sound receiver.. Which is 35 feet away from my computer on the otherwide of the living room. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of cable i should use to run a wire from the back of my sound card (which the back of the sound card has all gold plated jacks.) all the way to my reciver? Any suggestions would help!! if you can e-mail me at


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find 3 good qualitly long lengths of stereo interconnects, 6 high quality RCA couplers, and 3 high quality 3.5mm > Stereo "RCAs" if that reciever is a 5280 and not a 5820 it should have 6 channel diect in it will ussually use the DVD front left and right then have separate connections for your rears sub and center
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