Onkyo HT-777 Rcvr Problem - the saga continues


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I posted about a month ago about a problem with the rvcr that came with my Onkyo HT-777 HTIB. In brief, two loud pops came out of the speakers then the rcvr goes into protect mode.

I took it in for warranty repairs. Guy said there was a problem with the center channnel output. My invoice shows they replaced several transistors and resistors.

I get it home and hook it back up. My first test was to play a CD in the DVD player. All I did was hit the button to open the drawer and there were my pops and protect mode again.

So I disconnect the rcvr and get the DVD and cable box hooked back up to the TV so the family won't go nuts. Now some debugging starts.

With an old CD player (c.1987) and a small pair of speakers, I am able to play CDs and get sound from all six speaker channels (2 channels at a time, R, L front, R, L rear, center front & rear).
It was then time for bed.

Other things I'm planning to try:
Rcvr + old CD + Onkyo spkrs
Rcvr + DVD + old spkrs (1st w/RCA cables then w/digital coax)

I also had been running the component video from the DVD and HD cable box to the rcvr then to the TV. I may try running it directly to the TV. I'm not sure if this will make a difference since when this problem initially occured, only the sound went out. The rcvr continued to send the cable TV video signal to the TV.

Once I run through these and other scenarios, hopefully I will have narrowed down the source of the problem.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Any help is appreciated.


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If you bought it from a retailer, see if they will replace it. So many others have complained of similar problems of repairs gone bad and multiple trips for the same/similar problem.

It appears from so many that there may be a design flaw or a really large batch of bad components getting into receivers built around the end of last year.

Make sure you get the defective speakers replaced at the same time. (Small tweeter cone will be deformed or melted.)

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I bought it online from Vann's, so getting a replacement could be difficult.

The speakers seem to be OK. They all sounded good when I tested them with an old rcvr, and a visual inspection of the front 3 spkrs (rears don't have removable grills) shows that the tweeters look OK.

Thanks for responding.

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Your right, could be stuck doing this the hard way.

I have suggested to others that you don't use the receiver's switched 120v outlet for anything. Also a clean power source should be selected. (ie not on same circuit as frig or microwave, etc.) Another good idea is have a decent surge strip for all the devices to plug into. Don't plug AV equipment into different outlets as this can cause ground loops.
Finally, insure that speaker and component wiring is routed well away from other 120v wiring as much as possible.

Good luck.
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