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Hi everyone, I am a single mother living in BritishColumbia, and I usually struggle at times like Christmas and Birthdays. well, my daughters birthday is coming up, and shes 14 turning 15, I know she wants an i pod, she wont ask for it because she knows about my struggle. So, I am doing a free ipod site, to try and get her a touch. Please, the hardest part is the referrals, and this what I need help with, I've tried my friends and they dont buy it, but I know people in the online community know that these offers are indeed legitimate and a new way of markerting. So please, all I am asking if for you too sign up, and complete a free, or less then 5$ offer.

Here is my referral link, please find it in your heart to support.

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gene please...this is a forum for satellite stuff (not to be rude or anything)

please refer to the general threads for posting such a topic

and if your story is really true we all feel for you and wish you all the best (well at least most of us do)

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thanks, i just thought that the satellite section was so big i would post there, and your not being rude, i appreciate the reply actually


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You've been Thugged!


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This gene scammer has been trying this crap in other forums as well.

"I've tried my friends and they dont buy it"...if your own friends don't, then why would total strangers do? Get a higher education, get a better job and stop relying on charity to get free sh1t!

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