Viewsat 9000HD is not working fully with VEB bin dated the 7th !!!


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I loaded the older bin dated 071207 for the 9000HD but not all channels are working ?? no Adultchannels and no HD movie channels ?? anybody else with this problem on this receiver ??

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can anyone with this receiver and BEV dec 7 bin confirm with me please ???

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atleast some are working right fu*c*k off...

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who the fu*c*K are you u piece of sh*t << ?? Fu*k urself off

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clam down guys!

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can u read tje other thread's moron...
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C/P from ftatalk, modified to include later additions.
[link removed]

Yep you read right. BEV has abandoned the last ECM and has reverted back the ECM of Dec 5, 2007, slightly modified as of 08:30 PM CST on Dec 15, 2007
This thread is to report all the Receivers that are up since this last ECM by BEV.
As before, please post what receivers are up and we can get this information posted.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Here is a list of all Receivers that are currently working after the Dec 15, 2007 ECM reversal by BEV.

As of Dec 16, 2007 .......05:00 AM CST

IKS Based Receivers:

1) nFusion - BEV is up and running, but freezes momentarily on some stations.
2) Tessat
3) Neosat (Ipro 2000)

DVB Based System
1) Emunation for DVB cards is up and running.

FTA Cardless Based Receivers:

1) Viewsat (All Models) with Files dated 071207 and 071208 for VS 7000
2) Spacestar/Sonysat
3) CNX ( All Models ) on V1 446
4) Coolsats ( 6100, 7000, 7100) with V126
5) CaptiveWorks (600P) with V1.60
6) Captiveworks 800
7) Visionsat with v134 bin
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