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what does this jtag kit mean?

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Banti here you go

may not work on some may need an older version computer or laptop.

1-- i purchased my jtag cable thru ebay
2-- remove cover of sat box only 3 screws.
3-- make sure your sat box is off and your computer is not running any programs.
4-- connect your jtag cable to computer and to reciever.
5-- now turn on sat box on rear switch
6-- open skymax 2.2 can be dowloaded basically any site make sure its a recommended site.
7-- change setting under adr flash to setting 2mb (7FE00000) and make sure select LPT port 1.
8-- under connection click start and wait till complete then under flash operation select erase and wait till complete.
9-- now under flash operation you will select write a window will pop up at the bottom change from rom file to all files. then select the pansat 3500s-flash 1(29LV160CBTC-70)-full.once you selected this file skymax will automatically start the process of writing the file to your sat box.depeding on your computer it may take a while.
10-- once it says complete turn off sat box remove jtag cable.
11-- once jtag cable is removed turn on switch and
the display screen should show b70,if so you have completed this procedure correctly.
12-- now you just have to load the boot file 80 and the current bin.
13-- enjoy.

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I recommend skymax over jkeys,works better and more simpler.

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thanks but i jus asked what do it mean..not how it works,,,thanks alot for da help really appreciate it

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its a pain in the azz process to change and repair your eeprom in the receiver, usually consisting of soldering, jumper points, and software uploads...hopefully u will never have to do it...some repair shops will do it for ya for $50..

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Was curious enough to google the term myself:

One of the difficult areas in the development of any modern hardware system is the production-testing of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). This is the problem addressed by the IEEE standard number 1149 "Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture". This standards defines a 5-pin serial protocol for accessing and controlling the signal-levels on the pins of a digital circuit, and has some extensions for testing the internal circuitry on the chip itself (which will not be discussed here). The standard was written by the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) and the architecture defined by it is known as "JTAG boundary scan" or as "IEEE 1149".

The general structure of the JTAG boundary scan test interface is shown in the following figure

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good info...I just tried to put it in simple
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