Here is how Dishnetwork can increase 1000%


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If DN wants to win the Sat Battle, they only need do one thing, and one thing only!

In the next round of receivers, give the end user the ability to TURN OFF THE FREAKING CHANNEL BUGS!!!

The damn things are intrusive enough, robbing viewers of escaping into their favorite programming. But NOW you have like TNT using up even more of the screen with FREAKING ADVERTISMENTS! I don't give a flying crap if the next Closer is new on Tuseday night!

They try to use the arguement that "there are so many channels that we need to be indentified" BULL SQUAT! If that where the case they would have the BUG on during advertisments when people ARE channel surfing! Now we even have Pay Premium channels like Showtime using BUGS!

Why is the veiwing public standing for this crap? Soon your going to be watching one third of your screen for the movie, and two thirds of the screen are going to be a constant barrage of advertisements!

E-mail them and! Make some noise! Your already pi$$ed that there is no new BIN, so put that anger to good use!!!!
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