CS 5K switch or Legacy Dual LNB problem..?


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I just recently got my new CS 5K and I am trying to do the set-up for three birds, 61.5W, 119W and 110W. I am fighting this situation for past two weeks and wondering if any of the Gurus can pl. help me. My set-up is as follows:

Dish 1: Dish 500 with two Legacy Dual LNBFs. One wire connected to each of them and it goes to DiseqC switch, LNB2 Port: 110W and LNB3 Port:119W.

Dish 2: Older 18" directTV dish with circular LNB for 61.5W.

Signals are confirmed of good strength/quality with DishPro 501 receiver.

My problem is I can catch only one satellite at a time. Either 61.5W from Dish#2 or 119 or 110 from Dish#1. I could catch 119W from Dish#1 after I connected 61.5 first, Auto-scan all the channels and then connecting 119W on LNB3. But then when I try to go back to 61.5W channels, I get "scramble channel" signal or in some cases it just sits there with blank screen.

Dish Settings:

LNB Power: ON
LNB Type: Single
Freq: 11.250
22 KHz: Off
DiseqC: 1.0/1.1
Comitted: 1
Noncomitted: 4 (Port # 4 on Switch is open, not connected to anything).

110W: Same as above, except Comitted: 2
119W: Same as above, except Comitted: 3

I read somewhere that it could be either,
1) Bad DiseqC switch (some had problems with the switch which came with CS 5K receiver) or
2) Legacy LNBFs (single or Duals) had tendency to 'stuck' or 'freeze' inside the switch.

Not sure what I should do next. Buy new switch or buy new LNBs..?

Gurus, Pl. advise. Thanks for your time and efforts. I appreciate.

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BAD switch or TOO long cable run (100FT) from switch to coo*lsat receiver, which would require in line amplifiers or shortening of cable..

I'm curious how the Dish Pro DN receiver works and is configured...I'm guesssing, U do not get the 61.5 with that..and must be using a sw21 switch, from other output on the 110 and 119 LNB's .....and NOT mixed at all with the FTA hardware configuration

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try 22 khz on for 110 works for me? tried it many ways and then finally 22k on got a lock on all, 22 k off 119,
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