R u guys sayin dat i can use 270t on my lifetime ultra?


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So that means i can be safe with that file and that i can watch bev ?

Just wanan be sure

killd da pansat
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Hi, since this seemed like a good thread for someone to help here goes: My friend recently purchased a Clone Pansat 2500a. He put my Pansat 2500a (original) bin into it. I told him that it would kill his box but he said to continue. Now his box freezes up. Is there any way to fix it?!?!? Please help so I can finish this off. Thanks

Grab A Brain
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Hey AssClown, read the fu@kin titile of this post ...it's for fortec. Grab a brain and start your own post or do some reading.

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Yes, you are correct
Your friend was not very smart to do that, but you CAN fix it. It's just a bit tedious. You'd need to take the unit apart and do some adjustments to the parts. I don't recommend it if you are a beginner. But it doesn't hurt to try. Now move on to something harder... finding the parts.... P.S>>>> DON'T BUY CLONES IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!
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