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Hello all,

I'm seriously considering purchasing a Panasonic PT-47WX42. Anyone own this tv? Are you happy with it? I'm impressed w/ its features, especially at its $1,499 price tag (Best Buy). However, it doesn't have a DVI connection. Do you think that this is a good feature to have? Also, do you think that I should wait a few more years before buying an HDTV? I can't imagine that the price of this tv could go any lower.


I almost bought the Pan. but decided to go with a 4:3 Aspect HDTV which was cheaper. The panasonic has a widescreen which is great if you plan to watch alot of DVD's. However if you use this TV to watch regular analog channels which is most of the channels right now, you will get black bars on the sides of the widescreen. also if you stretch the picture to fill the screen it becomes distorted. Also black bars might cause Burn in since the black bars will be stationery for a long time. Burn in means if an image is on the screen without moving for a long time tou will get a ghost of that image burnt into your screen, only happens to projectons. That's why most new dvd players come with a screen saver to keep this from happenning. Also, unless you can catch HD channels which right now are only a few, you will be using your widescreen mostly for DVD's in the 16:9 widescreen and HD channels. Like I said, if you use your TV mostly for watching regular TV, you will be disappointed with not utilizing your widescreen. I took back my HDTV because I felt that there are just not enough HDTV channels on right now and I can live with my 32" TV until most stations are in HD and then it will be worth buying a widescreen HDTV.
I would be patient, unless all you watch is DVD's which is fine. Because analog channels on a HD TV dont look any better. In fact they look worse the bigger the screen size is. That is why HDTV's in the direct view glass tube are so expensive, because the picture is better. Also by the time all stations are mandated to switch to HD, there may be a change in the resolution. Already ABC broadcasts in 720p while others broadcast in 1080i so if your HDTV does not support 720p you are out of luck and the panasonic does not. Most HDTV's dont, only the more expensive ones do. Like I said, I returned mine because just did not watch that many DVD's and I could only get two channels in HD. Also plan on getting HD digital cable which shows 2 HBO's and a public station or satelite which has a few more. Now you are talking money to get the premium channels. So alot more money and headache to be bothered with. WAit until there are alot more channels in HD and hopefully by then you can get a 65" widescreen for the price of the panasonic!

A few clarifications of the reply by Charles. You are NOT out of luck on a 1080i set like the Panasonic model in discussion. You can simply tell your set-top decoder to display only 1080i signals, which will convert ABC's 720p signal to 1080i. Secondly, analog signals can be vastly improved on a digital set over a standard analog. Hitachi's VirtualHD does this better than anyone. I've been selling the Panasonic HD projection sets for about two years now and can attest that they have weak analog tuners. However, do not associate this with all HD sets. Hitachi can convert analog signals to an industry best 540 lines of resolution. It's not HD, but it's still better than traditional television. Thirdly, you don't have to wait until 2006 for stations to convert to HD. 2006 is the date for analog to be turned off, NOT for HD to be turned on. Stations are required to be simulcasting (airing HD and analog simultaneously) by 2003. Lastly, as a retailer of HD sets, I am continuously amazed at the bad rap that HD has. However, what is appalling is that most people are basing their opinion on incorrect ideas of what HD is or isn't. High Definition television is worth the transition. Don't be deceived!

I purchased a Panasonic PT-47WX42 from my brother in law the other day. I was so excited about how it would look. For some reason though, I can never get the color, tint, ex. set correctly. People's flesh tones look discolored. Its almost like each channel i watch as some what of a green back ground to it. I'm using direct tv satelite. Is this something to expect with this type of tv or is there a common possible problem? Also, are there any additional units that i can purhase to make the picture quality better, in addition to the s video cables and stuff. Please email me at if you have any feedback. I'm almost ready to sell this dang tv so your imput would be greatly appreciated.

We just purchased a Panasonic 65" from Circuit City. Unfortunatly when the store delieved our tv that we paid $1900 for the workers got it as far as our front steps when ripping off the front screen. Yes to say the least my husband and I pitched a fit!! The workers attempted to fix this problem by putting the screen back on LOL I didn't have to say a word. Hubby said TAKE IT BACK! Was on verge of scream'en at the workers. I mean really. Trying to put the screen back on. Please. So the store is issuing us a new Tv + paid us a lump sum amount for our trouble. So hoping to recieve this tv VERY soon. Will letcha know how the TV is when it arrives. Can't wait! This time suckers better be ALOT more careful when delievering this time!

I am considering a couple of HDTV Widescreens and I am totally confused. I am limited money wise and I am trying to stay under $2,000.00 I have looked at the Toshiba 50h12 at Costco, 1,799.00 and the Toshiba 50h82 at Best Buy, 1899.00 and the well priced Panasonic 47w42 at $1499.00. I keep getting the pitch at Best Buy I have to buy a power conditioner, $200 + and all the right, better cables and their 4 year $300.00 warranty. My question is, is all this neccesary to buy and watch a widescreen in action? My source for programs is DirectTv and DVD's

Steve Perplexed

just thought i'd add a quick note.

I've researched a bit and have just bought the 53" Panasonic (53wx42) for $1299 at my local HiFi Buys. I was orginally looking to buy either a Sony or Toshiba because I had heard they have the best pictures for the money (ha.. i think i've read different reviews that say every TV out there has the best picture for the money. I've been swimming in opinion induced information!). The TV arrives here in 3 days, i'll make sure to post a review.

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