Mitsubishi ws-a65


Just a little info for mitsubishi buyers. I purchased a 65 inch mitsubishi from
best buy believing that it is one of their new model tv's. Upon recieving the tv, it has no hvsm on/off which is on every new model mitsubishi. I contacted mitsubishi regarding this - they were very quiet and stated
that it is not on this model. Appears that best buy has purchased a load oflast years tv's,
changed the label, and is passing them off as new. I plan to return mine and
buy a new 65311 from Audio King with the on/off Hvsm for the same price.

thanks for the note.. i almost pulled the trigger on one today but then thought id come back and do some more research.

Jason Hoffman
I thank you as well. I was thinking about buying the TV from Best Buy because of the 0% financing. I'd rather have the lastest technology, and Sears has the 65311 for the same price as Best Buy's A65 ($2999.99). It's a no-brainer now.

I am looking into buying the 65" Mitsubishi (model # WS-A65) TV from Best Buy. I am new and a novice to the technology, but like to make my purchases with as much info. as I can acquire. Why is not having a HVSM on/off switch bad? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

Chris, maybe this will help.

If you can turn that option off it's for the best.You get a truer picture and less enhancement that makes the edges of text and objects blurry/over scan enhanced.And with that being so it makes it a not so good feature they thought was nice but in turn it's stinks.

HVSM is the same tech feature as VML and SVM.


Mike Hutchings
It seems as though BestBuy only sells the older model. I too bought the WS-A65 under the impression that it was the latest 65 on the market. After I bought the TV at Bestbuy I went to GoodGuys to get a Mitisubishi S-VHS VCR. Then I saw a different 65 HDTV model there. The sales person informed me of the difference of the WS-A65 and current models. I then bought the WS-65411 from the GoodGuys. For the same price as the WS-A65 at Bestbuy, $2999. By the way the WS-A65 was at GoodGuys for $2399. I went back to Bestbuy to cancel my delivery and the manager had no reply as to the old model sets sold as current year models.

HVSM is NOT the same tech as VML and SVM.

High Speed Velocity Scan Modulation (HSVSC) - Velocity Scan Modulation (VSM) actually slows down the left-to-right scanning of a CRT when the image is complex and speeds it up when the image is simple. This allows the sharp transitions from black to white and from white to black to be precise. The benefit is often described as improved edge definition.

Unfortunately, the transition from standard analog TV (480i) to progressive scan (480p) and HDTV also created much faster scan speeds. Ordinary VSM circuitry couldn't react quickly enough to provide the benefits it does at 480i.

New for this year, Mitsubishi introduces HVSM, with the speed and precision to provide enhanced edge detail even with progressive scan and HDTV images.
This info. is from ( Mitsubishi 65" WS- 65311 product brochure.

What I mean by them all being the same, is that they all suck in my opinion and take away the true picture quality from the way it was intended to be produced.

Edge enhancement is not always a good thing.


Tech Guy
Here's the thing. I've done a lot of research into this topic. Best Buy carries the WS-A65. Mitsubishi has a wide range of products. Basic, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, and Diamond are their differing "series." The WS-A65 (cost: $2999 at Best Buy) is the "Basic" model. At Sears and Audio King (Higher end audio/video store)they sell the WS-65311 which is the "Gold" series model. Comes with everything the WS-A65 does, but a few more bells and whistles (which are worth it since retail cost at both stores is $2999...the same price). You can continue up the chain of "series" until Diamond...where you'll find yourself paying from $4500 on up for all the bells and whistles. Hope this helps someone.

Overall, are you guys happy with the WS-65311? I'm thinking of buying one.

I will tell tou on Thursday 12/12--my 65411 will be here then.

I bought the WS-A65 from Best Buy couple of weeks ago. It is going to be returned primarily for the undefeatable HVSM. It makes any and all text on the screen (such as guides) virtually unreadable due to the halo around the text edging. In addition, it causes some DVD's to be over enhanced to the point of appearing out of focus.

For all considering the Best Buy models, the following is what is left OFF these models:

1) HVSM has no on/off
2) No manual color balance; can only choose the auto color setting to be on or off.
3) The protective screen is not the color tuned diamond shield; it is just a sheet of plexy glass.

Since the Best Buy price is the same as the 311 models at Sears or Circuit City, this is a buyer beware situation.

Just a side note.

I purchased the WS-65311 from Sears over the weekend. I price matched it with They are offering:
-10% off
-Free Shipping
-No Sales tax

Price for the TV, before tax, was $2438.18. With tax, California, a $280 3 year warranty, and free delivery and setup, the total for the TV was $2906.60. :)

Anyone find it for cheaper than that?

Oops. Just looked at my receipt. The price before tax was only $2382. :) :) :) :)

Help, my dad and I are purchasing a RPTV for mom and I have decided on the ws-65411 but he thinks the ws65311 will be just fine. The big difference being quad focus, a fancy remote and a built in look. Any regrets from the 311 users ?


I want to thank everyone here for the information you provided on hvsm on/off. I was at the Best Buy other day and they had an open box special on Mitsubishi ws-a65. The speaker cover was rip about 8 inches and there were few cosmetic dent and no manual. They marked it down to $2000. My question is, is it worth it to buy this TV for $2000?

Thank You,

Can anyone tell me how to turn the HVSM off and on? I dont see it listed in the manual.

Just some info....the Best Buy WS-A65 is the same as the Mits WS-65311 with some of the features disabled. This is done because Mits wants the volume it gets out of Best Buy but BB does not want to price match. Therefore Mits made these sets SPECIFICALLY for BB. If you notice best buy's policy, they only pricematch on identical model #'s. The Best Buy sets are greatly overpriced and are the bottom of the line.

Brad J.
Worked BB price down to $2449.00 for a WS-A65, good deal?? Or am I gonna be ticked when they deliver it next week?

I would also like to know if it is worth the extra cash to go with WS-65411 rather than the WS-65311. It seems like there is not much difference. Any WS-65311 buyers disappointed they did not spend the extra cash? Or does anyone know of any major differences?

I too was about to buy the Best buy model...if my hub wasn't away on business, it would be here
so Sears? or goodguys?
any other advice before I spend my last dime?

I would like to know the additional features for ws-65411 from ws-65311.Also what are the best prices?

If anyone has bought a 65" from best Buy can you let me know if the TV came in two boxes? The Mitsu web site they come in two boxes for easy delivery. BUT I saw a 65" Mitsu at Best Buy in one big box.


A major electronics story in Indianapolis has
the Mit WS65311 at $2759 and the Mit WS65411
at $2916. The only difference in the two models
is the 65411 has "quad" focus which is suppose to
add sharpness to the outside corners. I could not detect a difference in the two sets. In this price range the extra $157 for the 65411 is petty cash.

I'm still shopping and would enjoy other opinions.

Tim Hall
I got the Mit's 65" from Best Buy (which is going back) and it came in one big box.

I went to ABT electronics,IL and found ws-65311 for 2580 and ws-65411 for 2700.they r giving 3years plan free.The tech guy says 65411 is better.In addition to quad focus the appearance is also better.

Anybody has any idea of what to do when the picture gets streched for ws-65411?

Damn, I wish I would have known this stuff before I bought the open box WS-A65 from Best buy.. oh well, I guess I will live with it :)

I just got back from Besy Buy to cancel my purchase of the WS-A65. I went over to Sears and bought the 65311 on sale and saved an additional $400 plus got free shipping and a free DVD player.

I am looking at buying a 65-511 from a local guy, small electronic store. The price is 3243.24. I s this a good price and how is it different from the ws-a65 at Best Buy other than the built in decoder? Thanks Nick

Nick do not get the ws-65511. yes it does have the integrated tuner but you can only watch off/air broadcasts. yer gonna hafta buy an external set top box later on. have fun!

ps: do all of you buy a surge protector?

I bought the Platinum 65 from Spencers for $2799. i'm having trouble tuning in my picture it's still a little blurry on some stations.

fry's have the ws-65411 for 2799 also. i cancelled the a65. i hope fry's throws in delivery for free.

did cancel the a65. went to GG in city of industry and *accidentally* quoted that fry's had the 65411 for $2799 and they sed they'll price-match it along with the free-delivery, and compared the 65411 with the 65511 and i sed yeah but i'm lookin at a $700 difference $2799....$3499, so he sed what if he cuts off an extra $200 to make it $3299 (65511) + free delivery/installation so i sed yeah what the hell why not. next day delivery.

i bought a toshiba 65h82 at sears and they honored fry's electronics price add sears price was $2999 and fry's has it for $1899 so i save $1000 + 10% the difference so i paid $2000 included tax and delivery
i enjoy the tv very much until about 30 days after i bouth it. the tv started resetting itself (on off) about 2 to 3 times a day sears in home tech told me its the deflection board and part not available..... sears replace my tv with mitsu ws-65311 i swear the toshiba is sharper images but everybody is telling me mitsu is a better tv. i dont know if i am getting a better deal wit mitsu or shall i raise hell trying to get my toshiba back

Hey all, I just bought on the spur of the moment , a ws 65311 at the WIZ, they are going out of business here in CT. and I got it for $2305. including tax and delivery, they have 11 more left, seemed to be one of the better 65 in. sets that they had, (aside from the 7 to 15,000 sets) thanks for all the info from everyone, I am glad to read this now after I made the purchase, But I think I am going to be happy.

Peace to all,

Just bought a ws-65411 from hh gregg. it was on sell for $2750, salesman said, what if I could give you a really low price, would you buy now? He made a call to his manager and gave me a price of $2171 ($2350 with tax and delivery). I just jumped on that deal. With the WS-65411 and WS-65311 side by side in the store, the 65411 has a little bit better resolution. I am going to watch TV over a satellite dish, so the built receiver is not necessary at this time.

I saw the 65511 at fry's electronic for 3499. This one is with the built in HD tuner. The picture is crystal clear. There is another Mit model 65611 and it is $3799. I am not sure which one I should get. Also beside of the price and the appearance, I really do not see any difference between them. Anyone has any idea?

R Horn
Anyone know anything about the WS-A55 or the WS55311? I was about to get the WS-A55 at Best Buy. Help!

Get the ws55411. You will eventually forget that you paid $200 more but will be faced with a better picture every day. Good Luck

I just got a price quote from Sears, Brea, Calif., for the WS-65511 (Platinum series) for $2,700 and it includes a coupon for fee delivery.

get the Platinum Plus series(WS65611) for just a little more, since you are in Brea you are close to a good guys. Be carefull. That is the going price for the WS65311 not the WS65511 and they look identical. The only difference you will see on the front is that the platinum series will say HDTV Integrated and the gold HDTV upgradeable. The good guys will match price with Sears + still match prices if it goes lower in 60 days. The Good Guys caries the entire line-up and Sears only carries the lower line.

Anyone has any comment between 65511 and 65611. Please help since I cannot decide which one to buy and there is a $300.00 price difference. Both of them are HDTV integrated.

The 611 is the Platinum Plus which uses quad field focusing to sharpen the beam and make the lines tighter. For such a small price difference it is worth it. In a year you will forget the price you paid but will still be looking at a better picture.

check out my post on:help needed on choosing a 65inch tv...

I just got a ws-65411 from HHGregg in Cincinnati for $2000.00 and am very pleased with it. I went to Best Buy and they had the ws-a65 for $2500.00. I asked the guy what the difference was and he told me Mits made "special tv's" for BB and that it was a better model than the 65411. Of course I had to do my research and thanks to all the posts here plus mitsubishi's web site, I confirmed BB's model was last year and they are trying to sell it as a "new" model. This is equal to the 65311 (gold series). I went back to HHGregg and got the 65411 (gold plus series). I tell you what, it is awesome!! Makes watching TV a lot of fun!! I still have to get a progressive scan DVD player but my current interlaced one is just great.

Hello ,
Can anyone help!!!!
I bought the Mitsubishi WS-A65 big screen
TV from Best Buy back in october 2002 and It looked awesome.
SInce I do not know much about TV's I saw the HD picture and I fell in love with it.
Any way the high def picture in my house looks better then the one they showed me, but the problem is with the direct tv analog channels
Like CNN or MTV All the regular channels look like crap kind of fuzzy . I use component monster cables connected to the component 1 in back of the tv.
I went down to the good guys and asked the manager and he said the reason is because the component cables are suppose to be connected to the DTV input in back of the TV. is that true ? will that help?
The reason I did not try it yet is because my tv is raised up 10 inches from the ground and I do not want to work so hard for nothing.
So Please someone drop me an email if you have any hope for me.
Also I called the tech and he came to my home and he said that all HD wide screens are kind a fuzzy and not that clear.

Ben B
I am in the same situation, I have all the best monster component wires and Directv. I went through all that already, it doesn't really make a difference whether you plug into component 1 or 2 or DTV. I think DTV gives you a couple more formating options, pillar box, stretch, full, etc. I can't remember if I had those when it was plugged into the component 1 input.

I just want to thank everyone for all the input. I was getting ready to go buy a WS-A65 Mitsu from BestBuy. They just dropped the price to $2500. I'm glad I read all the posts. I think I will do a little more research before making my purchase.

Wow, you folks are great. I saw the BB 65 Mit and the 311 at a specialty store for the same amount. I will price shop now for the 411, thanks to all your great advice.

Merl Priester
I am looking at the 65511 Platinum series.
A GGuys salesman told me that it has the
quad focus and the Diamond series focuses each
square foot.
But from what I am reading, the Platinum series
doesn't quad focus only the Platinum Plus does that.
So which is it?

Thanks all.....

Just got off the phone with GGuys. Apparently the sales guy, showed me the 65611 but gave me the
sales book with the 65511 circled.

The 65611 is the one with QUAD FOCUS.
Is it worth 300.00 more? Probably. Spend this much, whats another 300.00.

When hooking up the 65411 or any other series to your cable box, make sure to hook up not only the component cables but also a regular coax to Antenna A or B. Many analog channels are much more clear when viewed on Ant. A or B rather than component. When viewing a true HD channel, component is better but regular analog channels can be quite fuzzy in this mode. Switch to regular coax and you will notice a better picture.

Hi everyone, thanks for all the great posts. It really is informative..

I am a novice hdtv buyer. Having said this I almost made the mistake of buying a Sony 65 non-XBR. Only, when I took a look at the Mitsubishi's, I realized that there was a huge difference. Anyways, I am planning to get a 65611 or a diamond but I have noticed that the analog display on these units are horrible! Is this naturally how it is or do I need some sort of tuning or configuration? It seems that other televisions are able to handle analog a little better.

Just a little hint if you live in the New york long island area. There is a Scratch and dent center that P.C richards has. I bought my WS65411 there it was new, just the box it was in was damaged but I got it for 1700 bucks. Perfect condition. 40 bucks to deliver. Love it. The store is in the deer park area I think. But they hav alot to T.Vs there. At least 50 all diff types..



Anyone know where there are any reviews on mitsubishi ws-65511 web sites. I've searched and can't find any reviews on this product.

There is no point in buying the WS-65311 now right? It does not have a DVI input!

I bought the Ws-A65 several months ago and really dont know what the big complaint is. Mine has a very sharp picture and is loaded with really more features than anyone should need. Dvd's look great with my jvc digital progressive scan dvd player and HDTV looks awesome with my Samsung SIRT-165 set top box feeding the dtv signal from my antenna to the HDTV (upgradeable) monitor as it is so ofter referred to. Most are quoting this big screen around $3000 but I only paid $2,300 at best buy in Fort Smith Arkansas for mine. I personally thought is was a good buy. My wife and I looked at every big screen best buy had for about an hour. Some of the sets were a Panasonic 46" LCD and a couple of 50 and 55" tvs using the new digital light projection. Brands in the show room were, Toshiba, mitsubishi, samsung, sony, hitachi, jvc, and numerous others. The Mitsubishi WS-A55&A65hadbest pictures hands down, oh, and by the way they also had some of the new models which you all speak of which were intergrated sets. For those that dont know,that means,you dont need a set top box (extra $400-$600) because the tv has the box built into it and is not required as it is in my case to receive and watch DTV on your hdtv monitor. I wonder if some of you arent judging the WS-A65 without actually seeing true HDTV on it first. I dont care which Tv your watching, if it can do HDTV and you actually see it first hand, its gonna look way better than any tv you watched in the past. Maybe its just me, but when I'm in a room which has 40 big screens running at the same time and the WS-A65 stands out even over the smaller 50" toshiba's and so on, well, I dont care what name or model it is, the one with the most impressive picture is going home with me. Lets face it, Big Screens are Like Cars and Trucks, one may have been assembled by a 25 year veteran in the field of tv technology and the next may be assembled by a 20 year old kid who just started last week and really didnt know how to finish the job right, and I know what I'm talking about becauses I used to work in an automotive parts remanufacturing factory. Have you all heard of champion auto parts? how about carquest? Arrowstar? Napa? Hey, we did em all and the only difference was the box and the warranty papers telling you how much better that one was than the other but really they were all the same but thats something that the general public doesnt know. Here's a good one, did you all know that samsung which is so looked down on by most actually does 60% of Sony's everything! And I know lots of people who think sony is it but wouldnt have a samsung in their house, oh how the big companies decieve us all. When it comes to the Big Screen, Look them all over judge the best picture and go with your gut feeling because its usually right 90% of the time! I've learned about electronics the best way you can, I've actually spent my money on them. P.S. If you want the best Dolby digital, dts decoder you can get on the market today and only have $300-$600 then buy a Yamaha Amplifier Its the best!

b reilly
out bb(atlanta) is selling a ws65313 model. what are the differences between the 311, 313, and the 411?????

Confused in Atlanta

3.5 years ago I bought a 61 inch sony. I've had problems with it from the begining. Luckily we bought the extended warranty. The set was replaced by sony during the first year. The second set also had problems. The extended warranty covered it and eventually it was considered a lemon and I had to go back to Best Buy to pick another set. Since I didn't want anything smaller and there wasn't much of a selection I went with the Mits ws-65313. During the past 3 years I got to know the repair guy (he was almost part of the family). I asked him which brand of tv was the best in his opinion. He stated that the Mits were the best. They rarely had repair calls for them. My ws-65313 arrives tomorrow, hopefully this will be better. Best Buy basically exchanged this set for the old set and included an extended warranty for another 4 years. We shall see how it goes.

I bought the 65511 from Brandsmart $2475. on 8.11. It was delivered today. My wife hates it. it's nothing but a big black box in the middle of the wall, and even though the picture is clear and sharp the people are all distorted. Every body is so wide, on the standard setting.
Looks like she might win , in sending it back if everybody else out there has the same picture.
Help I kinda like the set

Another option is to keep the set and trade in the wife.

I just bought a clearance closed box unopened brand new Mitsu WS-A55, price is $1399 plus free combo progressive scan DVD player with hi-fi VCR ....which was a $130 item. Anyway, I don't need the combo but it still added value to the deal, Sears who sells the close model is $1999...on a Saturday, only if you use the Sears card.

For that, the BB model to me seems to be the deal. I mainly watch DVD's on my Mitsubishi progressive scan DVD player, and my current tv is a Mitsubishi 40" tube tv that is getting old. If I can move the ole' tv out, I'm hopeful the new BB....model (to me it is new, unopened, unused) I don't care what model year it is so long as it is a great tv.

Jeff merrill
Just bought a Mits WS-65313. Being delivered next Sat. Does anyone have one and if so, are you pleased? This is my 1st big screen .

Jeff, I also bought a mits ws-65313 and I'm hoping to hear good things. Reading through the postings above though, is a little discouraging--at least for the A55. Is it your understanding that this tv would not need a set top box for watching DTV and does the stand for Direct TV? Thanks


jeff M

Not sure, I was under the understanding that this set was ready for HDTV

NTV ?????

Maybe someone can help

Getting Ready for Football
I'm looking at the Mitsubishi WS55411 GOLD PLUS, any thoughts? Is this worth buying for $2299? What should I be aware of when looking for 55" TV?

I just bought an WS-A65, but it hasn't been delivered. Should I return it? Open box 2010.00? Is DVI that important? Also on my receipt they charged me for a WS65313 open box rather than the WS-A65 that I bought and they gave me the remote and manual for the WS65313. Should I try to get more money back?

Tooch, it look like the store made a mistake. best buy is VERY motivated to sell Open items, and closeout merchandise. $2010.00 sounds like a great price for either set. I think the 65313 is a great buy because of the DVI input, but the cabinet is not much to look at. The WS-A65 is HUGE and imposing, and the screen is higher than the 65313. Bottom line is that BEST BUY delivery will deliver only whats on the receipt, unless the store changes the sell. I suggest you call and comfirm the model.

I bought a WS-A55 at Best Buy for $1100. It was an open item and damaged in shipping. The speaker screen was ripped about 4 inches and a couple chunks of wood were out where it got hit. The TV worked fine in the store and there was nothing wrong with the screen. When it was delivered, it had a scratch on the front "protective screen" and a small crack in the second plexi-glass screen. If I take the second screen out and replace the "protective screen", will this affect the picture? If so, what should I do? Was this a deal or should I send it back? Thank you to anyone that has any input.

I just bought the WS65313 from best buy for 2499. I hooked up with the best of cables, etc. The TV seems to have a fuzzy undertone even when hooked to a DVD via component cables. I have had the TV for one day and am not too pleased at this point. All the channels running through a Digital Cable box have a fuzzy undertone also. Anyone else have these problems? I would blame my TIVO box but the DVD hooked directly has the same fuzziness.

I have just purchased a BB open box Mit A55 for $1200. With the extended warranty, delivery ($35) and sales tax ($123 - hey, its Texas) it comes out to $1,665. From what the salesperson was saying, I thought I was buying this years model, but only with an open box and no manual. After reading some of these posts, I am not certain what year's model the A55 represents.

Any thoughts on wether I should just opt for the 55311 instead (it is $2,099)? Also, can I use the manual for the 55311 with the A55? Delivery is set for Sunday, Oct 5th, so i could still cancel before it arrives.

I know this thread says Mit A65, but I have seen a number of A55 posts as well. Hope I am not out of line with this question.


I bought a ws-65611 but I just noticed that they delivered a ws-65613. The only diff. I see is that the 611 is a platinum plus series and the 613 is the gold plus series. Also the 611 has Diamond digital pixel multiplier and hsvm where as the 613 has an advaced multimedia video processor. Which one of these has the better picture?

Mike Walker
Now that I have read this string.. I am confused and need a little clarification please. The WS-A65 is HDTV or HDTV ready or HDTV upgradeable? I am new to all this, and cannot figure out which one it is.... also I cannot find the WS-A65 listed many places.... does it have a different model number? Thank you

Hello. Im just about to buy the Mistu. WS65511.
Im having some concerns though, because I play ALOT of xbox, and PS2 games. Im worried about burn in. Can somebody PLEASE help me with this issue. Ive never owned a projection before, but ive heard video games and the like are bad for them. Thanks In advance for any help you can give!

Lets Go Rangers!!

Just purchased a MITS WS-65511 model from Fry's Electronics for $2399.00. What are other's paying, not sure if good price or not. Purchased in PHX, AZ

Do any of you just purchased a Mits. TV with out DVI and fell like they have been mislead?

Samsung has just released a HD DVD player promising to up convert the signal to 720p or 1080i using only DVI cables. It will also show 480p with regular component. My WS-A55 does not have DVI and I am now a little disheartened by it. Did a little research and looks like DVI is possibly going to be the primary signal carrier for HD DVD players in the future.

Just bought a Mitsubishi WS65513, which is the 2004 Gold Series. Great picture, great menu system. BUT... keep in mind don't expect the picture to be great just because you have a great TV. It's also about input source. Played a DVD on my standard DVD player. Picture quality was not what I expected even though Mitsubishi says the TV "upconverts" the 480i to 480p. More on "upconverting" later. Soooo... did alot of web research and discovered that general consensus is that Panansonic has the better picture for the price. Went out and bought a Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD player. Picture is GREAT for the price. I am sure $1000 plus DVD players will offer a better picture, but this videophile is content with the Panasonic. BUT, my big disappointment with the Mitsubishi is the input of HDTV sources. Keep in mind my earlier comment about upconverting. The Gold Series will receive a 480i, 480p, and 1080i input and will "upconvert" a 720p signal to 1080i. That is where I have a problem. I have yet to hook it up to a 720p video source, however I did hook up an Xbox to the TV. Using a game that outputs at 720p, the TV was not able to receive a 720p signal from Xbox. I had to disable the 720p output selection from the Xbox settings (bummer). Called Mitsubishi Tech Support and they confirmed that the TV will NOT upconvert a 720p signal from a game console. Couldn't give a technical reason why. They said that it will upconvert from sataellite HD or HDTV receiver.

I'm in the market searching for a big screen hdtv and I was wondering which tv would you recommend that best supports the 720p signal from an xbox. I was looking at the Mitsubishi 65313 but I dont think the tv will handle the 720p signal. Please help!!!

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