No place to run cable


I have no way of running coax or any other type of cable from my living room to my bedroom and would like to be able to watch TV in Bed. I would think that there is a wireless solution out there, but have been unable to find anything. Any sugestions would be appreciated.

Best bet is to run coax under carpet along the walls. Ask cable company to install a new outlet. I think it is free or a charge of $40. Call them. no wireless cable!

There are wireless options. Check these links to get started:

Calling the Cable Co. to install a new outlet would be the most economical and best solution for you. By the time you invest money in a wireless solution, or purchase "sub" cables on your own, you'll be better off paying Cable for the time, expertise, and quality cable that would be far superior to any cable you can purchase as a normal consumer at a hardware store, wal-mart or Radio Shack. Plus, signal splitting would be your next "unsatisfied" problem. The cable company supplies better quality splitters and amplifiers if THEY determine you need one of those. (Meaning, while they are there installing your new outlet, they can test the signal strength and boost the signal if needed.) Simply put, if you aren't happy with your solution, you'll end up calling them for help anyway.

Good luck,

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