Trying to select the best TV for our needs....appreciate your help!


We currently have a 12 year old Analog 32" TV. We're interested in getting a Big Screen TV but the room is small and we can NOT go with some of these huge sets that take up 1/2 the room. My husband is retired and watches a lot of the Golf Channel,CNN and sports (football, baseball, basketball). I watch Oprah and the evening news. We have Adelphia Cable with a Motorola digital box (guess this can be changed to a HD box right?).Sometimes we watch HBO. We're deciding between just keeping our existing TV, but would love the bigger screen. Not crazy about this black bar thing I keep reading about if this is what you get on normal broadcast shows.

We sit approximately 12 feet away from the TV. We very rarely watch DVDs. We like to "feel like you're there" look of the High Definition but want a thin TV. Our current TV projects approximately 24" from the wall and we don't want anything with more projection from the wall than that. We would like to stay somewhere under $4,000. We've considered Plasma because of the beautiful colors but I'm afraid that since the TV is on for 14 hours a day it would burn in the CNN emblem at the bottom of the screen.

We are not tech savy, just simple on and off works fine for us....we just want a LARGER screen. Considering something around 50" if this sounds about right?? We live in So. California and I'm not opposed to shopping on line as long as the warranty is still valid. I really need some suggestions including brands and model #'s if possible please. Thanks so much!

No one makes thin 4:3 projectors anymore so you are going to get a widescreen set in this class of TV. Most of the channels you mention have an HDTV equivelent so you are going to be watching a lot of widescreen when you go HiDef.

In the 50"+ range;

Samsungs DLPs will give you the bright vibrant colors of the Plazmas. All except the 61 are under 24 inches. See

Sonys new Rear projection LCD like this;sid=3qGmWjEUmt-mTA7dJ_KsUX4aMwjuSoI3BuM=?CategoryName=tv_ProjectionTVs_RearProjection_43to53TVs&Dept=tv&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=KF50WE610&ContentItemPage= one and this;sid=3qGmWjEUmt-mTA7dJ_KsUX4aMwjuSoI3BuM=?CategoryName=tv_ProjectionTVs_RearProjection_43to53TVs&ProductSKU=KF50WE610&Dept=tv one are under under 24 inches.

Finally, Panasonics new thin projectors here are very thin but the Sony and Samsung have much brighter pictures. There is a version in your price range that has a built in HDTV tuner and Panasonic is the first company to start shipping HDTV-cable built in. That could save you $300-$700.

Go have a look at them. I'm sure you will like one of them.

Hope this helps.

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