Samsung HCM4216W- HELP!


My 42" projection tv when turned on about 3 wks ago now has a pin cushion effect (top & bottom of screen pushed in) and the red convergence will not budge. All logos, volume control, tv menu, etc. are all distorted. The tv is only 13 mths. old, just in time being the 1 yr. mfg. parts & labor ran out, and I didn't purchase a service agreement from Sears. Customer service said I could get the service plan but would have to pay total repair costs first. The repair guy said I couldn't bring the TV in being that their weren't any local repair shops for my product & it would cost $105.00 for an in home estimate of the total repair & labor costs. If anyone knows the best way to deal with the situation please let me know. Is there a remote chance Sears might replace or fix the set for free? If so whom should I talk to? Also if anyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it and can guide me either by telling me or know a website link that can help please provide it. I just want my tv fixed asap. By the way this is one specatular set and shouldn't have broken. In the words of the Sears customer service person, "You've had a projection set for only 13 mths. and its broken?" Sigh, I'm so depressed.

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