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What is the biggest 16x9 that should be viewed from about 10 feet? I was considering the 56" DLP, but I think it will be too big. 43 or 46 should be about right. Any suggestions?

Found this on one of the threads. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the link, very interesting results. Using the THX #s
"-Maximum and Recommended THX viewing distances: THX also publishes standards for movie theaters to adhere to for THX certification. THX requires that the back row of seats in a theater have at least a 26 degree viewing angle and recommends a 36 degree viewing angle."
56" screen size, max viewing distance is 8.8 ft, 61" max is 9.6', and 43" 6.8'.
If I just enter 8' for viewing distance, I get a range of 59 to 71" diagonal screen size. SO maybe I can go 61", bigger is better.

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