Hello I got a Sony WE60WE610 last week and yesterday I tried to turn it on with the remote and all that happend was a wistle for about two seconds and the green light blinked on the unit. So I kept pushing power on and off same result. So than I just let it blink green for a couple of minutes and it finnally turned on. Whats the prob. I still have my thirty days to return it for a new one. I did pass on the rip off Ex-Warr
but if this is a prob that is going to happen down the road whats a guy going to do? any comments will help. Thanks

This is normal. As long as light is not red no problems. Bulb takes some time to turn on, it happens mostly when you press the on button again and again.

Other threads have stated it takes about a minute to warm up. Basically repeating what anonymous just said. Your we610 is a keeper!

Do not press the power button off and on. The TV actually goes for a few minutes when it is off to cool down the bulb. You do not want to keep turning the bulb off and on suddenly.

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