Need HDTV Help!!!


Hello. I'm a firefighter and our Station just got a 49" Mitsubishi Projection TV that is HDTV ready. Along with the TV, we also got a Toshiba DST-3000 HDTV/Direct TV tuner. How exactly do we need to hook up the the wires to get HDTV? I was told that we need a seperate antenna to get the local channels in HD. Our cable provider, Comast in Philadelphia, has HDTV programming for special events (Philadelphia Flyers games, Eagles games, etc.). All the local news is broadcasted in HD. So I ask again, what exactly needs to be done in order to receive HDTV? Which wires need to go from what to what, what input selections do I need to set on the TV itself, etc. Thank you very much.


Three component video output jacks Y (Luminance), Pr (the amount of color Red is different
from Luminance), and Pb (the amount of color Blue is different from Luminance) are connected
to a High Definition (HD) monitor set to achieve highest quality video images with that particular DST-3000 Tuner. Do you have those cables?

Read Chapter 2 of the DST-3000 manual. It explains in full detail the steps to properly connect your componants to your HDTV. They are WAY to lengthy for me to guess at your problem since you weren't specific.

I'm a Firefighter as well here in Oklahoma. And, not really understanding fully your problem I'll ask two questions:

-When you say, "We also got a Toshiba DST-3000...", does that mean that your Cable Co. or Satellite provider adheres to the technology of that reciever? Did they verify that that equipment will work with its service? In other words, (I know...I'm beating around the bush here) ask your cable company or satellite company if that is the equipment you're suppose to be using and if they'll help with the installation.

-You do realize that not all programming is available in HD? You realize that, for the most part, you'll be sitting there waiting, more than watching, HD content on your new set?

Hope you found your help in the mean time,


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