Roof Antenna for HD w/KF60we610


Just got a KF60we610 and I'm trying to get my local channels in HD. I bought a VU 120 XR HD antenna from Radio shack mounted it on my roof pointed it in the direction of the towers plugged it to my TV and did a auto channel search and all it is picking up is the anolog channels. Is there something I'm missing in this connection or the auto search? It's coax into the Ant. on the back of the Tv. My reception is better than my sat. recep. but its not HD... HELP please.

You need HD OTA tuner in order to get the HD.

Where do I get one and how much does it cost? thanks

HD OTA tuners can be bought at CC,BB, etc. They range in price from $300 on up depending on features. For ex. some are OTA only and some are OTA with direct tv tuners included. Just an example below from CC:

Thanks all for the help.

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