Hitachi 50v500


I have recently prchased a 50v500. I have read that lcd's typically have issues with blk lvls. Hever this tv does really well with blk levls!! The problem that I have nticed is that faces with a shadowy contour have false contouring and strange color issues. Hwevr...I have also nticed that the more info (as far as better quality dvds)that the tv receives the beter the pic... I have heard with a 1080i or 780p inpt the tv will have near prfct res. Furthr more it has been said that the strange issues revolving arnd faces which are partially in shadow will be resolved. Truth or fiction?

Do not purchase the stock stand for $500+++. IKEA offers a stand which is prfct for this tv for abt $100 including tax. Look for the oppli tv stand (they have more than one stand under this name) which fits the dimmnsns of this tv......grt buy!

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