Help with Buying an LCD Television


I don't know if this question is High end enough for this board, but here goes.

I'm looking to buy a 15" TV for DVD and TV viewing. It's for a small room, I watch about 1/2 tv (broadcast, no cable -- mostly sports and almost always recorded on DVD -- RCA DRC8000N DVD Recorder/progressive scan DVD Player ) and the other half I watch dvd movies. I don't care much about sound quality.

I've narrowed down my choice to the Sony KLV-15SR1 , the Panasonic TC-15LT1, and (perhaps) the Sharp LC-15E1U.

I'm leaning to the Sony which did well on a test done by the "lcdbuying guide" website, albeit these were larger screen models tested. The Sharp is a longshot as I don't believe it handles progressive scan dvd technology.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions (and other possibilities to look at in the 15" category) would be much appreciated.


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