Sony grand wega kf42we610


how good is the Sony grand wega kf42we610 ?
I am planning to buy one. I still dont know how good this modle of sony t.v?I heard something about the noise the fan makes from the back of the t.v, and white spot. So if anyone owns one, please tell me how u engoyed this model(the pros and cons).


Leroy Jackson
Have had it for a month, so far so good. Fan noise is practically nil (if you had no audio going and you were close enough to the unit then maybe you'd hear it). I haven't seen anything like white spots, which I'd assume you heard somebody saw on their unit and might be a defect with that one unit.

I do occasionally notice tiny black spots here and there, mostly during DVD playback. It's very slight and barely noticeable, apparently it's a characteristics of all LCD RPTVs. Even the manual that came with it said it's 'normal'.

Unfortunately, I'm still watching analog cable, in the process of getting HD sat. Analog cable of course looks like crap, but that's not what you'd buy the tv for anyways, and I'm actually a little embarrassed about admitting I'm watching analog cable on it.

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