CRT projections burn in i heard, Do LCD projections burn an image too?


I heard CRT projects can burn an image into the screen if you play like xbox for to long, but do LCD projects tv do the same, i am hesitant in buying one becuase i play xbox a lot, so will it burn in?


LCD's don't suffer the way CRTs do from burn-in. With proper care, CRT owners can avoid burn-in as well, but with the LCD display, burn-in simply isn't practical issue to be concerned with. There have been isolated cases where LCD burn in has occured when a commercially-used 16:9 display is set in 4:3 mode for hundreds of hours, but this is a rare situation and unlikely to occur in most consumer applications. LCD burn-in, unlike CRT burn-in, is also reversible, simply by viewing more widescreen programming.


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