Whats so bad about crt projection?


i know a little bit, and i keep hearing of problems with DLP's and lcd projections. i know the color/brightness/contrast ratio is much better on these, but whats so bad about crt projection?

everyone gripes about the 3 light guns needing convergence, but a good one with about 64 point convergance like the mitsubishi and sony units takes only a half hour every 6 months or so to make it look good again, any huge downfalls in them? what brand do you guys recomend? i like the brightness of the sony, but the mitsubishi seems to look a little better with analog cable, and has a couple more features.

Deano, Nothings wrong with crt projection tv's it's just that the lcd & dlp units are so much better & most manfacturers have released that they will stop producing crt projection tv's by 2006 (roughly) I have a 55" sony crt rear projection tv & it has served me well for almost 2 years, I brought a samsung dlp unit 5 months ago and it is simply phenominal! I've moved my old sony down to the basement & it looks so much better than it used to in a reduced lighting environment. You can't rely heavily on what you see in the stores as far as crt projection tv's go on brightness because the manufacturer's turn them up so much so they will look good - if you leave them like that they will get screen burn in & it greatly reduces the life of the crt tubes. If your a gamer, projection crt's limit you to a few hours every other day to prevent burn in. Also the reduced viewing angles (which also reduces even more when you turn down the brightness) are not an issue with lcd & dlp technologies, both of these are viable options with very few downsides, lcd's suffer from stuck pixels, but a cluster noticeable from more than 4-5ft. will be replaced by the manufacturer, dlp's aren't quite as lifelike as lcd (but very close) has no major downsides, both of the units will convert 480p&1080i to a 720p picture (the best available). most hd crt projection tv's display only 1080i or 480p. If you do decide to go with a crt projection make sure you get a calibration disk (dvd) to setup your tv, you can rent these from blockbuster. On the other hand if price is a major issue for you, prices on lcd & dlp technologies will start to come down in 2004 as more and more units are produced by different manufacturers

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