Can You Help? Broke TV


mr depressed
Please someone help me. My set is a Samsung HDTV widscreen projection tv # HCM4216W. When I turned it on the other day there was a weird picture which resemble an hour glass turned on its side, except in the hour glass part is the picture now but its also creating a 3d-ish effect. The top & bottom of screen are black. The red convergence will NOT move, although the blue works fine. I've managed to get into the service menu and made a cpl. of adjustments to make the viewing a little better. I wonder if I bought the service manual would it provide the meanings to all the settings on the service menu? Would this really help or is the service menu mainly for either fine tuning the tv or aligning the convergence? Is the red tube shot, thus all need replacing? If anyone knows what the problem could be, please provide details and answers to how to fix it and if I might be able to do it myself. Thanks in advance.

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