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}Ok people,, you all may not believe me about what I am going to tell you, about the Sharp Aquos problem with

Backlight not comming on. I have been through and through with my Sharp Aquos problem, and I found info online on

how to access the "SERVICE MODE". By how to turn it on. first thing is first. You need to know that these TV's

act like flourecent light bulbs. If you have any knowledge about how a flourecent light when it is almost dead,

you have to keep trying to switch the electricy on until it comes on full blast right? Welp, this is the same

thing for these TV's, but since they are more a computer, you have to abide by the rules on how this TV works.

Number one, Turn off the POWER to all of the components of the TV only. Unplug the TV plugs, power and all. Hold

the power cable to the TV up to where you need to plug it back into. Then before you plug it in, hold down the

Vol- Button, and the INPUT BUTTON, and the push the POWER BUTTON, then plug the POWER CORD into the power plug.

If you did this correctly, like it's really hard to do. The green power LIGHT will come on, instead of the red

STANDBY LIGHT. If the GREEN LIGHT is on, leave the POWER on until the BACKLIGHT on the TV screen comes on. LEAVE

THE THING ON, for at least a couple of minutes, and the reason why I said a couple of minutes is, remember when I

said about a flourecent light bulb???? Well ok, you need to get the TV to have some charge in it after it has

been asleep for a while right??? If you listen up, you will get smarter. The next thing you need to excersize is

that after a couple of a few minutes the TV has been on. Plug all the cables back into the TV plugs, the screen

will change to something. Don't freak out, it's not going to blow. But if you are that wimpy, just give your TV

to me. I'll take it off of your hands. OK, then you need to excersize, Turn off the TV, remember, GO INTO

SERVICE MODE, hold down the VOL- button, and the INPUT button, then push the power button. If it doesn't turn on

yet, REPEAT ALL OF THE STEPS UNTIL IT DOES. I have another way if you would like to know, yep. I only have to do

a couple of things. I just unplug one of the plugs in the back of the TV after turning the TV off first. This

plug is the smaller one that uses the audio section. The bigger plug stays in and you can see the picture on the

screen when it comes on, but it will look a little jumpy. When it comes on, plug the smaller adio section plug

back into it's proper place. Remeber, wait for a few minutes before turning off the TV, let it charge a little.

Then before turning the TV on again, hold down the VOL- button and the INPUT button, and then push the POWER

button. If it doesn't turn on yet, repeat the fricken steps ok. Thats all you have to do. Thats what I told the

guy about his Sharp Aquos TV after I picked it out of his trash and fixed it for my own pleasure, YEH BOYEE. A

free Flat Screen TV. All though he tried threatening me after wards. My Email is

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