Sonicview is back on top the Akai Japan Public Server Great!


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Leave it to the Japanese to get things done right!

SV Lan has been running strong for last 3 months. This new Akai Japan Group is the real deal.

I was a bit skeptical at first but a couple months back I bought a SV Lan serial number to upgrade my ihub to SV Lan's Akai Japan Premium Server. I've been very impressed. It's been running freeze free for the past 2 months I've been using it. This is the best since the N2 days. I've tried nfps, viewsat, ilink and the old SV groups and none compare to the Akai Japan Groups stability!

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"Leave it to the Japanese to get things done right!"


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I was a bit skeptical at first but

but now you are on payroll or live in their jock strap.

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my guess -jock strap jockey

fookin retard

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The thing one has to realize is that there is NO real SV Public server working.

Akai Japan SVLan server has to be paid for by purchasing a Serial #------ So can't really be considered a Public Server.

The above is taken from and I agree with the post - At best it is a private server using modified hubs and slightly new software.
At present the more reliable Private service is NFPS.

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Money talks. My friends.

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Well with that kind of thinking everything is a pay server then.

If you buy a viewsat, ilink, sonicview, cnx you always have to pay for there server.

When you buy a Sonicview Premier & SV lan hardware combo it is working right out of the box just like the other so called public servers. Just like if you buy a viewsat with forcaster or ilink. Public servers are I guess only based of those who control the bin files and dont have to enter des keys.

You are right though money talks. They are all pay services. I have both SV Lan Akai Japan server & NFPS and have been happy with both. I haven't had any freezing on the Akai Japan server and it also allows me to use nfps without the damn CCE errors those old groups had.

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Anyone please help, I have a sv360 elite and a ihub converted to sv lan, however the serialnumber on the ihub is washed off not visible. if i purchase a serial
number from sv lan akai japan will it work? or do i still need the serial number from the ihub itself? Thanks

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Hello Conazo,

The ihub serial number will not work on the akai Japan server. You need to buy a sv lan upgrade serial number to connect to the Akai Japan Server & Private or just convert your ihub to sv lan for free and use on Private only.

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FTA BADASS: If you want to promote Sonicview or SV Lan try the advertising at Ecoustics.
Please keep your forum posts to the point ans reasonable size.
SV LAN is a new toy and likely to be proven a toy.

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I"m not the one with 20,000 post telling people to PM my friend to pay them as a reseller of nfps. I don't get paid anything. I'm sorry you think me posting truthful information is cutting into your private server sells. You can still sell them private servers you just don't have to refer them to a useless newlink when they can get the SV Lan for the same price with support. I guess you think if they buy the newlink they have no support so it's more likely they will be able to pay you for nfps since they don't get any channels with the newlink. I'm sure they will still buy from you even if they have the SV lan but they will just get much more bang for their buck. Why not have Akai Japan Public Server & NFPS? why you want them to have only one option? Best way to resell your nfps is to be honest with the users.
You are telling people you did the research and are referring them to buy a newlink over a SV Lan.

Lets compare them side by side and have the users do the math!

First off both products are sonicview dongles. One is supported other is not. If you want to use a private server you will need one of these for sure.

1. Newlink -$59 No support from a company you say goofed. This unit can only work with private with limited features. No guarantee.
Included channels: ZERO

2. SV Lan - $59 with Akai Japan Premium server. Works with Public & Private server with the click of a button with more features. Best of both Public & Private. 2 Year support Guarantee.

SV Lan Akai Japan Premium Public Server:
Includes channels below & many more are being added weekly.

For 110W and 119W

105 USA Network East
106 TV Land
107 Comedy Central East
108 Lifetime East
109 Lifetime Movie Network
110 Food Network East
111 DIY Network USA
112 HGTV East
113 Fine Living Network USA
114 E!
115 The Style Network East
116 GSN
117 TV Guide Network
118 A&E East
119 Bio US
120 History
121 History International
122 Syfy
124 BET East
127 Oxygen TV East
129 Bravo East
130 AMC East
131 IFC US
132 TCM US
133 Fox Movie Channel
134 ShopNBC
135 BBC America
136 FX
137 QVC US
138 TNT (USA)
139 TBS East
142 ESPNews
143 ESPN Classic USA - Added on Feb 12, 2011
144 ESPN 2
149 Fox Soccer Channel
150 Speed US
151 Versus
152 CBS College Sports
154 NFL Network
155 NFL RedZone
156 FUEL
157 Ovation TV
159 Si TV
160 MTV US
161 MTV 2 East
162 VH1 US
163 VH1 Classic East
166 CMT East
167 Great American Country
168 Spike TV
169 TeenNick (18-06)
170 Nickelodeon East
171 Nickelodeon West
172 Disney Channel East
173 Disney Channel West
174 Disney XD
175 Boomerang US
176 Cartoon Network East
177 Cartoon Network West
178 Nicktoons
179 Discovery Kids USA
180 ABC Family
181 TeenNick
182 Discovery Channel USA
183 TLC East
184 Animal Planet USA
185 Hallmark Channel US
186 National Geographic Channel US
187 Hallmark Movie Channel
189 Discovery Health Channel East
191 G4 TV
192 Investigation Discovery USA
193 The Science Channel
194 Planet Green
195 Military Channel USA
196 Current TV US
197 Documentary Channel
198 Sleuth Channel
199 Chiller
200 CNN USA East
202 HLN East
203 Bloomberg TV US
204 Tru TV
205 Fox News Channel
206 Fox Business Network
207 CNBC World
210 C-SPAN
211 C-SPAN 2
212 NASA
214 The Weather Channel US
215 Travel Channel (USA)
216 C&T
217 ION TV West
218 Veria TV
219 America's Auction Network
220 MERC
222 HSN
223 Healthy Living Channel
224 Shop At Home
225 C&T
226 HSN2
227 Jewelry TV
229 Gem Shopping Network
230 In Country TV
231 RFD-TV
232 KTLA TV 5
238 WWOR TV 9 (My Network TV)
239 WGN Supersattion
240 IQV TV
253 SOAP
259 Inspiration
260 Trinity Broadcasting
261 EWTN
262 Angel One
263 Daystar TV
264 KTV - Kids & Teens TV/ Spirit
265 CCTV 9
266 Angel Two
267 CTN (USA)
273 GLVSN - Galavision
290 PPV (when available)
300 HBO East
301 HBO 2 East
302 HBO Signature East
303 HBO West
304 HBO 2 West
305 HBO Family East
307 HBO Comedy East
309 HBO Latino East
310 Cinemax East
311 Cinemax West
312 MoreMax East
313 ActionMax East (USA)
314 5 StarMax
318 Showtime East
319 Showtime West
320 Showtime 2 East
321 Showtime Showcase East
322 Showtime Extreme East
323 Showtime Beyond East
327 The Movie Channel East
328 The Movie Channel Xtra East
329 The Movie Channel West
330 The Movie Channel Xtra West
332 Sundance Channel East
333 Flix East
340 Encore East
341 Encore West
342 Encore Westerns East
343 Encore Action East
344 Encore Mystery East
345 Encore Drama East
346 Encore Love East
347 Encore Wam West
350 Starz East
351 Starz West
352 Starz Edge East
353 Starz Cinema East
354 Starz Comedy East
355 Starz In Black East
356 Starz Kids & Family East
395 SPMAN - Feb 8, 2011
396 OTDCH - Down Feb 22, 2011
400 Tennis Channel
401 The Golf Channel US
402 NBA TV
403 NHL Network USA
404 HorseRacing TV
405 TV Games Network
411 Fox Sports Prime Ticket
417 Fox Sports West
433 MASN 2

487 Playboy TV en Español
488 Playboy TV USA
489 Playboy
492 Real (USA)
493 Fresh!
494 Juicy
495 Reality Kings TV
496 Hustler TV USA
498 Xtsy
827 Univision Este
828 Univision Oeste
831 TeleFutura West
833 Galavision Este
838 mun2
847 Disney XD
884 CCTV F
9399 Christian Television Network (CTN)
9400 BABY1
9401 HITN
9403 BYU TV
9404 C-SPAN
9407 CoLours TV
9409 TBN
9410 Link TV
9411 Universityhouse Channel
9412 University of California TV
9415 Free Speech TV
9417 EWTN

118.7 W -

Down as of Feb 11, 2011

601 Al Jazeera Sport Channel Global
606 BBC Arabic
607 OTV
659 Dubai Sports
678 Indus Vision
769 Dream 2
770 NBN (Lebanon)
772 Al Arabiya
774 Al Jadeed Sat
777 ART Hekayat
784 EuroNews
900 Euronews (Audio only)
901 Euronews ( Audio only)
918 Thuan VietHD Channels added on Feb 17, 2011
5760 OTS5 (wide open)
5762 CSABT (wide open)

HD Channels on 110W thru SVLan

454 Events ---- up when UFC or WWe or otyher events are aded
9416 GSN
9420 TNT
9422 HD NET
9424 ESPN HD
9431 USA
9432 SYFY
9446 WGN
9456 HBO-E - added Mar 11, 2011
9460 SHO-E - added Mar 11, 2011
9481 TMC-E - added Mar 11, 2011
9495 CBSC
9496 SEDGE
9498 STRZW - added Mar 11, 2011
9505 ENCOR
9532 ICTV

Sat 129W

9405 Pentagon Channel
9406 ARTS
9413 ALMA
9419 A&E
9425 ESPN2 HD
9430 True TV East
9436 CNN
9437 TRV
9438 TWCHD
9440 MAX W HD - added Mar 11, 2011
9441 5 STAR MAX HD - added Mar 11, 2011
9442 TENIS
9443 BIO
9444 HMC
9445 NATGW
9447 COOK
9450 BBCA
9451 HBOCY - added Mar 11, 2011
9452 HBOZ - added Mar 11, 2011
9453 HBOFM - added Mar 11, 2011
9454 HBOSG - added Mar 11, 2011
9455 HBO2E - added Mar 11, 2011
9458 MAX-E - added Mar 11, 2011
9459 HBOLT - added Mar 11, 2011
9461 HGTV
9462 FOOD
9463 TOON
9466 VS
9468 SPEED
9470 LIFE
9471 LMN
9473 GOLF
9474 E!
9475 FX
9480 SHOTO - added Mar 11, 2011
9482 HKMRK
9483 SPMAN
9484 MTV
9485 CMDY
9486 STZCHD - added Mar 11, 2011
9487 DISC
9488 TLC
9489 APL
9490 SCI
9491 HIST
9492 BRAVO
9493 CMT
9497 SK&FM - added Mar 11, 2011
9499 TBS
9506 SPIKE
9507 VH1
9508 NBATV
9510 BET
9511 MSNBC
9512 ............. - added Mar 11, 2011
9513 Showtime Showcase East - added Mar 11, 2011
9520 FSC
9521 UNVSN
9522 FTRAW
9523 TCM
9524 HLN
9525 HISTI
9476 Fox Business Network - 129W
9477 FXNWS - 129W
9526 ID
9527 DIY
9528 GLVSN
9529 AMC
9542 NHLHD
9543 NHLHD
9544 NHLHD
9546 NHLHD
9551 NHLHD
9554 NHLHD 9901 D129
61.5 channels.

These for SVLAN Public Server. No spoof file, Raw 61.5

9484 MTV
9477 FXNWS
9475 FX
9473 GOLF
9466 VS
9463 TOON
9457 GREEN
9444 HMC
9443 BIO
9436 CNN
9416 NICK
9485 CMDY
9492 BRAVO
9493 CMT
9506 SPIKE

You are really telling people that the Newlink is better then the SV Lan? Why don't you take a minute to understand what you are refereing them to. They can still use NFPS with the SV Lan but the only difference is they will have 2 servers instead of 1 with the same price.

SV Lan $59 = Akai Japan Premium Public Server & NFPS $39
Be able to switch back and forth from Public to Private. If one doens't have a ppv you want to watch flip to the other server.


Newlink $59 (no support) & NFPS $39
Can only work with private server.

Same price? More bang for your buck. You do the math.

If You had a choice to buy the first cell phone (no support) or the iphone 4 (Premium Support) for the same price which would you choose.

Remember if you already have a newlink or ihub you can get a SV Lan upgrade for $39 and use both Akai Japan Server & buy NFPS to have both running and back each other up.

Everyone needs to here real user reports. Don't waist your time on Non users speculations.

I hope this information helps the real sonicview owners make a educated decision when purchasing or upgrading a dongle. True experience is the best way to learn and that is what i'm sharing with you. Not second hand information or false theory's.

Thanks and have a great day!

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Had NFPS and they screwed up and kicked us paying customers off with their "computer error"
As they say money talks
Now a happy Akai Japan customer
No freezing no downtime
UFC fight in HD
A fraction of the cost

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Akai Japan rocks
Verry happy with service and have not had any freezing or downtime.
Have a good selection of channels
and they say they are adding more!
Overall very happy no complaints no downside

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I am also very happy with FTA at galaxy 19, and have not had any freezing or downtime.
There is plenty to choose from.
"Overall very happy no complaints no downside"

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Akai Japon es grande! Ellos se estan ejecutando realmente grande y yo soy un usuario muy feliz

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Working great lots of channels
Freeze free
None of the downtime others are having
Lower cost
Even brought the SV4000 back from the dead!
Can't beat that

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Don't fall for
Selling NFPS Private server
They screwed many paid customers
with a "computer error"
Akai japan runs better with no freezing and downtime
Last UFC was in HD
Switched and will not look back especially to NFPS

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