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I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for different brands of s-video (for tivo) and component (for dvd) cables along with places to buy them (online if possible). I'm looking to connect them for my 32" sony flat screen model SON KV32FS210. I'd like to get a rough idea they would cost for both high end and budget cables.

in my opinion go with

In these forums it seems monster cables are looked down upon. However, these are what I use and couldn't be happier.

Unless you've spent countless hours testing and reviewing signal output and digital quality in comparing numerous versions and brands of video cables on not only your own home theater equipment but that of other setups in various atmospheres and surroundings, you really can't put a great deal of faith in comments made by some by which they promote "this brand over that brand". As Chuck points out, Monster Cables have been given a bad rap on some forums. This is primarily due to there elevated cost when compared to other cables in thier class. (Bear in mind they are IN a high class division, thus...they WILL be more expensive.)

This is one subject in which you will "get what you pay for". Monster cables are great cables. But, be prepaired when springing for these cables, you'll have to pay for that quality too. There are a few other good cables in that class that are a tad cheaper, can't ask for a better warrentee.


AR makes cables similar to Monster. They are almost as easy to find and cheaper. SOME, and I repeat, SOME RCA brand cables are OK. I have found the worse sound from cables are those that break (or are about to break). Radio Shacks' Gold cables seem to have this problem. I have broken a dozen cables so I wouldn't recommend them. The cheap cables that come with most equipment crush and break easily as do Recoton, Universal, GE, etc.

You can compare the Monsters to the ARs at

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