I'd like to know if anyone knows of a PC HDTV Tuner that outputs 480i on as S-Video connector for viewing on a standard NTSC TV and also allows full HDTV resolutions on the computer monitor (not at the same time of course). The ones I've seen either output through DVI, VGA, component, or composite connections, OR won't display the full HDTV resolutions on the computer monitor. The 480i S-Video output seems to be missing on all that I've looked out.

check out this place:

Any ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon can do that. I have an 8500-DV with the optional ($40) component adapter and it does what you want. The 9600 and 9800 come with component (DVI and VGA) standard. I can even output 600i on the S-Video jack. I also have an old Matrox G-400 that outputs 2048x1535i to the S-Video jack.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Rob and Derek, but I couldn't find anything at that actually had S-Video output jacks at 480i. Also I couldn't find any reference to HDTV tuning for the Radeon TV tuners. I'm looking to view HDTV on my computer at full resolution but still be able to pipe it to my old standard TV through the S-Video connection. Oddly I would figure there would be a much larger market from people trying to do what I'm doing, as opposed to people would go through the trouble of buying a computer card to tune HDTV signals to display on their expensive HDTV sets. Go figure.
Thanks again,

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention and didn't see the "HDTV". See

Hauppauge is the most popular and easiest to find. Telemann is supposed to be the highest quality. DVICO is the cheapest.

Let's try this again.

Thanks for trying Derek but I think I'm SOOL. None offer S-Video 480i output. I'll just be patient and see if someone eventually offers one or I get an HDTV first.

hey greg the Hauppauge DTV version outputs 480i on s-video.It tunes NTSC and ATSc signals converts them all to an 480i format and displays them thru your pc bus at 480 or outputs it thru svideo at 480 ,,,,,, I found a couple on Ebay for a mere 89$ wow !!!!Goodluck Aaron

Oh one thing i liked to bit_h about. why and the hell did they design all these cards with VGA loop through. Listen any CP geek that are interested in HDTV on pc are garanteed to have a good (A S S) high end video card...that are capable of displaying 1080i and SOME!!!(1536i or p)..
With the exception Dvicos fusion witch puts it thru the pci bus at any resolution using sofware decoding and or DXVA hardware your vga's muscle(BUT). The DXVA hardware accleration dont work (jittery pictre)on high end Radeon and Nvidia cards. And everyone Knows Radeon has Best Video Quality.

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