Nfusion Update from SuperStar


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Here we go again!

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is nfusion solaris is working

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C/P from superstar

first, I would like to express how sorry we are to anyone that has no tv due to nfusion's decision.

You may want to know where is nfusion and the answer is they are doing their best to ensure long lasting tv.

An issue was found before it could case damage and nfusion decided to shut down the SD servers.

The HD servers do not have this issue and that is why you should still have HD channels.

nfusion is looking long term so for all those posts about nfusion leaving, they are just rumors

If they wanted to go, you would not have an update from me and the HD channels would not be working.
nFusion made a decision and stands by it and hope that in the end, you will be much more happier to have tv instead of taking a chance.

Also you need to understand that this is a dynamic situation where the other side will keep on trying to stop us and things take time if you want it to last.

So when you see other boxes disappearing and nfusion still remains even thought you know they are the largest target, you will understand that it takes a lot of work and time to make sure there are no security leaks.

There is no time line as it may be days more for service to resume however it will not be a long period (days or maybe week not months)

Just wait for the channels to pop up and other than that, I hope you are having a good summer and enjoy **********.com!


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Looks like SD came back to life for a short time today.....


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This rumor is 2 weeks old but Nfusion still down!

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For the Nfusion users
Originally Posted by #1tiny
nfusion status update (Aug 30 2010)
It is coming to the end of August and it is time for nfusion to get back in gear.

There is nothing special to update other than your channels and more that you even had before on the nfusion for Charlie will be working all freeze free of course since the new encryption came along.

Bev will be looked at a later date but are on the checklist.

I do not want to speculate so just wait and see what you get.

It is reversed this time so no more complaining as the HD users are getting the channels first this time and SD receivers will follow.

There is a very large list of channels that will be working including most of the internationals and until they come online, there is no need to ask when they will be up.

If you use international channels, the chances your channel will be up are very high.

Also note that nfusion has been running for a few weeks but did not go live while they were testing their system and it was very funny to read some of the thread about nfusion being dead.

Let me confirm to everyone that nfusion is far from dead and they are not going anywhere!!!

Let the service speak for itself as the only real reason for this update is to confirm that the team is alive and are very excited with what they have planned for the channel list.

Also since I have posted now, just want to clear up some facts

- When I do not post, we have people crying about where are the updates
- When I do post and the channels are not back, we have people posting very bad things about me

From my last post, I stated that it will be weeks and not months

Months to me means 2 months or more

It was a problem and there was not a definite time line for the solution.

I hope everyone can relax a little and understand that everything is done as fast as possible and the reason why nfusion does take a long time to do anything vs the others is they are playing a chest game and really think and make sure what they do does not comprise the security at all and I hope everyone is happy that nfusion is able to do what they can and will keep doing so for many more years to come!!!

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