Pincushioning on Samsung 50" DLP (HLN507W)


Keith in Fort Collins
Anyone know if it is possible to correct pincushion problems on a Samsunp HLN507W (50" DLP) in 4:3 (normal) mode. I can't find any setting to allow me to adjust this. I am seeing about a 3.5 mm difference between the left-top and left-middle. I also notice a faint dark area (kind of blueish) just to the left and right of the picture. This area is about 4-6 mm in width. Can someone measure the distance from the left bezel to the picture? Is 12.6 mm or 13.1 mm? Hopefully the pincushioning is adjustable or otherwise easily fixable or I will have to return this set again.

I am on my second HLN507W. The first one had a couple of problems. On start up, the image would flash light and dark for about 20 seconds before stabilizing. The audio outputs of the monitor out also did not work. Also, the remote didn't work very well, you had to be almost aiming right at the sensor for it to work. The second unit corrected all of these problems except that I think the remote still kind of sucks. If I wind up having to return this one, I won't be buying another Samsung.

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