Whats a decent 30" or so tv for cheep??


it seems im in need of a new tv , ok then. but what one? and how much(not much).will i need to buy another one in a few years to be compatable with the new digital thing the gov wants to force on the country? my current tv only has the single cable out,and it seems after getting a nice receiver, im now needing a newer(tv with all kinds of jacks on the back)tele.

why does buying one thing, mean realy buying two or three and thinking of buying 5 or 6??

just curious.



First of're not exactly buying into the front end of technology if all you're needing is something with those additional inputs and outputs, i.e. Coax, S-Video, RCA, & Component or DVI connections. If you simply want a comfortable, inexpensive set in which to modestly view TV, Movies, DVD's and games, the choices are plenty. Which one is better for you? It might be best to check out a standard review site that will fit the bill for the average consumer such as CNET. A good place to start there would be the "TV Buying Guide" located here:

From there you can review many options that fit your budget.


leroy p:

I don't know what you consider as "cheap?" I would suggest something, though you may not find it cheap.

I have seen a 30" Samsung HDTV ready direct view television for $999 at a local store that I was very impressed with (don't know the model #, but it is in Best Buy). The picture is incredible and as it is HDTV ready (also is a 16:9 format screen), it will allow you to buy now and use later even after the govt. requires everyone to use a digital signal. I would also note that the price I quote is the MSRP and the same store is advertising it as 10% off, so it can be had cheaper.

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