Like me understand so called "private server " Is it keeps u up always?


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Thanks !!!

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A reliable small group Private server service can be as good as shared sub.

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lol i still didn't make mine working yet...stupid dreambox..can'\t download the uploader to will test tomorrow..

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will this privat server work on nano2?

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Private servers are there for CNX, CaptiveWorks, SonicView, Viewsat, Nfusion, Limesat, Satzen, Dreambox and Coolsat. There might be a couple of models I missed out. These groups are active, but hiding. I do not know where to find them.

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nydas, which ps would u recommend specially for viewsat?

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nydas ..if u have guide for cnx nano2 i can try it.

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The main difference between KS public and IKS private servers are
a,- private servers are less vulnerable to Provider's (Dish & Bev) attacks
b.- and thus have less freezing and downtime.
c.- but for this, you have to pay a monthly / annual fee.

Basically, IKS ( Internet Key Sharing ) private and public work on the same principle :
and that is using one smart card (hacked or legit) to serve multiple receivers.

( C & P )
How is this done ? This is done in several parts.
1. The tools
Smart Card
Card Reader or CAM
Connection to the satellite
Networked Server

2. The setup
The card is used to decode what's in the stream. From here, the information CWs (command words) are sent to the card reader attached to the server, where a program is set up to receive and broadcast these command words to other units on the network; whether it be on the internet or locally. So here is the chain of events

Satellite ----> Smart Card --->Card Reader ---> Server ---> Other Unit(s)

So how is this all relevant and how will it benefit the tester?
This is what many brands running third party software are turning to as a solution whether it be temporary or permanent. Even if new Smart cards cannot be successfully reversed engineered; One subscribed card can still serve tens, hundreds, thousands or more units depending on both the power of the server and network connection. Which means that there will always be viewable television as long as the server stays online broadcasting these control words.

The Negatives
1. Privacy risks
2. Some channels may stay down. For example a subscribed card will only get a PPV movie if the person who owns that subscribed card actually orders the movie. Remember with this method someone is actually paying a bill.
3. Requires decent internet connection (sorry folks no dial up)

The Positives
1. More than one solution = less overall downtime
2. Ability to update software and features via the internet
3. Streaming capabilities (mp3, jpeg, and in some cases video)

Tthis is only an alternate method from what testers have come to expect over the years in FTA.
Standalone operations are not a thing of the past .... yet,
but this current solution demonstrates that most teams providing third party support are trying to cater to the audience by doing what they can,
...and that is to offer as little downtime as possible by thinking out of the box.

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Finish22........ Well explained. It really make sense.
Thanks !

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Simple question is that, Is that any reciever A that is supported by server B and is up with international channels? Please advice

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Mr. Adam Paul.
As of today I can confirm only one private server for Dreambox 100 with all Indian channels open based on a statement from a person I can say is reliable and was not trying to sell this solution to me. This is in Waterloo area of Canada, where there are some very clever computer guys.
I have been advised not to subscribe to any private server, because of doubtful legal situation.

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Harding.......I have been advised not to subscribe to any private server,
because of doubtful legal situation

There will be no doubt when they come down on your azz.
Hey Harding,..........Btw do you remember any of these people?
Charles Hughes,Tiger Woods, Rush, Andrew Mellon
Dirty Domestic

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