How good should digital cable look on my new Sony KF42WE610?


I just purchased a new Sony rear projection kf-42we610. The DVD pictures look fabulous, as well as the HD signals from my new digital cable service. However, my cable reception is often lousy and not very crisp. Too me it seems too digitzed and actually looks worse than the analog cable it replaced. I currently have a component hook-up with the HDTV box as my cable company company did not furnish a DVI cable with the install. (I have one on order!) Will the DVI cable make a noticeable difference. Is there something on the TV I should do, or is it the fault of the signal from the cable source?


It's not your TV.. Making the switch to digital takes getting used to. I have direcTV for years and all I see are the compression artifacts of digital. Still haven't got used to it myself. I heard it could be really heavy with some cable providers, you might want to "borrow" an off air HDTV tunner and do some comparisons for yourself

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