Hitachi 32HDT50


Steve A.
Has anyone seen this Plasma? I'm on my second TV from Circuit City and am thinking of switching within the 30 days once again. I started out with the Samsung HLN437W. I thought it looked quite nice, the green was a little strong as other posts have stated. I returned it because the color wheel made a loud high pitched noise. I had called Samsung Tech Support and they had the nerve to tell me that that was normal. Sorry guys, the projector fan is normal anything else isn't. So now I have the Sony KF42WE610 LCD. I think it is quite awesome. Works well for me since I have a Sony digital camera and Clie. Picture most of the time is great for normal cable. HD is great for most broadcasts. But, when there is fast motion on the screen (not for all pictures), but for most, the image is blurred or lags. I'm not too impressed with that.

So now I"m looking at the Hitachi 32HDT50. My TV room isn't that big, and although I"m used to the larger screen, the 32" may be better. I'm going to call my local Circuit City stores and see who has it on display.

So back to my original question; has anyone seen this TV (or the 42")? And/or, does anyone have first hand experience with it?

Thanks much.

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