Toshiba out of the RPTV business?


Andy B
I had a salesman at a local Nashville high-end audio/video store inform me that Toshiba is getting out of the RPTV market totally. Just wondering if that is true and who else in the market is making a 3-chip LCoS RPTV that's worth looking at. Thanks - A

Was it the RPTV business, or CRT RPTV's?

Andy B
He suggested they were getting out of the projection TV business completely due to financial issues in that business unit. He also said their 3-chip LCoS unit was one of the best, if not the best, on the market but now they won't be making them anymore. I've seen another posting suggesting they are just running short of parts but will be shipping new units later this year. If you go to their web site they do still have a number of projection TV's. I hope he was wrong. I'd like to try to find one of the new LCoS units somewhere. Thanks - A

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