DVD issues


Alan D
I just got a completely new entertainment system and am having two issues. First my equipment:

SONY KF-50WE610 50 Grand WEGA LCD
Yamaha DVDC740 5-disc DVD player
Yamaha RXV730 6.1 Receiver
Mirage Omnisat in a 6.1 configuration
Velodyne VX10 Subwoofer

All video is component connected
All audio is optically connected

My DVD issue is I cant seem to get a 16:9 movie to play normally. What I mean is it fills the screen top to bottom but there are black bands left and right. I have verified that the DVD setup is on 16:9 and I also select the 16:9 feature on the movie. I also selected 4:3 to make sure that something screwy wasnt going on and it then plays framed on all 4 sides with black bands.

Now, I can make the picture fill the screen with on of the zoom/stretch functions on my monitor, but this should play in natural 16:9 so there is no picture stretching.

Second problem is I have horizontal lines ghosting across the monitor. They are really easy to see on a solid background (blue), and they can be seen during normal viewing as well though they appear less prevalent.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

As a note, I am running all power connections into Monsters HTS 2000 (which has stage 2 ac filters.)

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried changing the TV mode from 16:9 to simply widescreen or zoom. On my phillips, DVD usually play on widescreen or panoramic, so as to fill the 2:35:1 screen ratio with small bands on top or bottom. With a zoom, the bands go away and some is cut off from the side. With 16:9, some of the sides will get cut off.

Alan D
Yes, When I place the TV in Widescreen "Normal" the bands appear (left and right sides). I can put the TV in "Widescreen Zoom" to stretch the picture, but I didnt think I should have to stretch the picture at all if the DVD player is set to 16:9, I select the option on the particular DVD I am viewing for 16:9 and I have a 16:9 aspect ration television.

Am I wrong?

dvd records in 4:3 ntsc so you do have to stretch the image to make 16:9. but a 16:9 display will stretch any image you feed it. unless it adds bars or zooms in with the ratio modes.

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