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I'm currently looking to upgrade my tv, I've got a 32 inch samsung right now. I wanted to go to a bigger and better quality tv.

I was looking at rear projection tvs but have been told that they aren't good for playing video games on unless you go with a dlp tv which is out of my price range.

My question is what kind of tv is best suited for playing vids and watching movies on. I don't really watch alot of tv either.

I'm thinking a 40" flat screen maybe? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

It might help if you posted your price range. I'm pretty much like you in that the only time cable on is when it's in the background, ie i'm on the computer. I really like the new sony grand wega III's, but even the small one is around $2700. Hopefully in a year or 2 those will go down closer to $2000 and I can get one.

If your 32' still works I'd suggest holding on for now, HDTV doesn't seem offer much for us budget people at the moment.

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